About Us

Window well covers have been a life’s passion for Joe Sikorski, founder and owner of the business WindowWellExperts.com. In 1975, as a teenager, Joe began selling custom made window well covers door to door to homeowners in the greater Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. In this area, there are more basements with window wells requiring basement well covers than anywhere else in the world, and since the mandated national building code of Ingress/egress window wells there is a high volume of egress wells needing covers throughout the United States. Joe and Company have talked with thousands of homeowners like yourself to improve the types, styles, and designs of window well covers that you, the homeowner, prefer, with the features and benefits you desire most. As a result, some even say that Joe is the “Guru” of window well covers.

At WindowWellExperts, we have been manufacturing and custom molding Clear “Unbreakable” Plastic Bubble/Dome type window well covers, Low Profile Clear “Unbreakable” Plastic window well covers, together with Custom Fabricated Clear “Unbreakable” Plastic and Custom Metal Grate window well covers for over 40 years.  Our Company Headquarters and Primary Manufacturing facility is in Walworth, WI. We also have distribution centers and service representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.