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The 10 Basic Tools You Need to be a DIYer

Are you a handy person? Do you love working on things around the house or making your own home improvement projects?

If you answered yes and you want to become a great DIYer, you will need some basic tools to accomplish your DIY projects! I’ll share with you the basics of what you need in a DIY tool box. Having these tools on hand will make the projects much quicker and easier to complete!

1. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is essential for working with DIY projects. More times than not you will have to hammer a nail or take one out with the claw side. This is definitely an essential and you cannot go without it.

2. Adjustable Wrench

Next, you will want to get an adjustable wrench. This tool comes in handy more frequently than you think. With all the different size nuts and bolts you will run into during your projects, your adjustable wrench will act as a one size fits all.

3. Basic Hand Saws

Having a few basic hand saws in your tool box is a good idea as well. You will most likely run into some wood framing that needs trimmed or a 2×4 that needs cut in half.

4. Drills and Bits

A drill will save you a ton of time and energy if you have lots of screws to install. Make sure you have some good quality drill bits as well.

5. Screws

You will also need some screws to go with your drill. If you’re building furniture or anything outside you are most likely going to need some screws to hold it all together.

6. Staple Gun

This is something that is often forgot about but few important. A staple gun can be used for a number of different projects whether you are hanging Christmas lights or installing netting on your outdoor patio.

7. Sander

Who has time to sand big pieces of furniture or a deck with a little piece of sand paper? That’s right…nobody! Buy a sander to include in your DIY tool box. It’s going to save you a ton of time and energy so it is totally worth the money.

8. Painting Supplies

No matter what it is you’re building, painting will be part of most of your DIY projects. Get yourself some brushes, paint rollers, tape, etc. to make sure you are prepared.

9. Utility Knife

Safety first, these little guys are sharp! But definitely necessary. You will find yourself using this tool all the time. The possibilities are endless.

10. Measuring Tape

You know what they say…measure twice, cut once. Don’t play the guessing game because more often than not it’s not going to work out in your favor. This tool will save you time and money in the long run!


If you plan and aspire to be a DIYer than you need to stock up your tool box! Invest in these 10 basic tools and take on those projects!

You will learn something, save money that would be spent on hiring someone else, and have fun doing them as well!

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