9 Insanely Awesome Ideas for Your Home

wooden bar on a deck

Want to make your home extra cool? Want to make a home where your children love to bring their friends? Where do people love to gather and have a great time? Or maybe you want to use your space to best of your ability. Sneak storage in where you couldn’t before!

Oh, and do you want to make a home your pets will love too? Well, I have the answer for you in this post!

Designing your house with these nine ideas will make your home something to brag about. Your family, friends, and neighbors will be highly impressed!

1. Inside Hammock


You can bring a hammock inside. You can purchase a free-standing hammock that will fit into your living room or bedroom. Hammock chairs can also be attached to your ceiling. It’s the perfect place to wind down and read a good book.

2. Outdoor Theater

During the warmer months, gather the family, get friends together, or cuddle with your spouse for a movie outdoors. You can make this come alive with a projector and a projector screen! Get comfortable seating, popcorn, and a great movie on your projector outside!

3. Indoor Movie Theater

Turn your basement into an indoor home theatre. All you have to do is put up a projector screen on a basement wall and have comfortable seating for you and your family to relax and enjoy bonding time together!

4. Hanging Dining Room Table

You can also hang a dining room table and chairs from the ceiling. Your kids will love this one!

5. Book Shelving Underneath Stairs

Put the space under the stairs to good use. You can remove the wall under the stairs and add shelving to it. DIY Advice explains precisely how to build shelves and storage under the stairs.

6. Pet House Underneath Stairs

If you have a pet, you know they have a special place they like the hang out most of the time. A perfect, out-of-the-way area to put that special place for them is the wall under the stairs! This is an excellent place for them to have their own little pet house.

dog laying in bed

7. Add a Pet Bathing Station in Your Mudroom

Again, if you have pets, you know they love to get dirty in the mud in your backyard. Instead of them tracking the mud throughout your house, put a little pet bathing station in your mudroom where your pet enters and exits the house. This helps you to wash them when they come in!

8. Under Cabinet Storage

Sometimes kitchens don’t have much cabinet space. If that’s a problem, you’re coming by in your kitchen; add drawers underneath the lower cabinets. They are called baseboard drawers. This will give you extra storage in your kitchen!

9. Add a Bar to Your Deck

wooden bar on a deck

The railing on your back deck could most definitely use a bar! Attach wood to the railing of your deck, and put bar stools underneath! This gives you more entertaining room and holds more guests in your home.

Add These Ideas to Your Home

Use the most out of your space and fit storage where you might not have thought it was possible. Take advantage of adding simple things to your home to make a theatre. And treat your pets right with their own little house and a spa!

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