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5 Steps to Designing the Perfect Man Cave

When you have a stressful day at the office or have been working hard all week, where do you escape to? If your man cave isn’t set up already, it has incredible potential for you to turn it into your escape and relaxing room. Other than that, your empty basement can be turned into the most entertaining room in the house!

The perfect man cave consists of many fun and entertaining things. I’m going to give you new and exciting things you can do to your basement to make it the perfect place to unwind or have fun!

1.What Do You Want This Space Used For?

poker set

Spend a good amount of time figuring out what you want this space to be used for. This will biggest part in deciding how you want to design it and what key features you need to have to make your vision come alive.

Will this be a family friendly space? If so, think about what your family enjoys doing! Do you guys love to watch movies together, play games, or bond over food?

Maybe this will be a space just for the guys. Do you like to watch sports, play pool, or have poker nights?

Need somewhere to escape with your wife and want to make it a romantic space? Think about having a wine cellar along with sofa section for cuddling up with your spouse and watching a movie.

Is being a host something you make a priority? Why not make it a complete fun zone to host family and friend parties.

Honestly, the options are endless with what you can do with your blank basement space!

Pick a Theme or Design Style

wine bottles

Let’s get more into the design aspect of the basement man cave. What do you want it to look like?

Themes can be super creative, anything you want! Here are some suggestions that might spark your interest.

Modern style is always a beautiful clean look to go with. If being a minimalist is something you desire to be, this style will be great for you. Stick to a couple sleek furniture pieces and only get the furniture you will need and will use. This style goes best with neutral colors and fabrics. Along with the latest and greatest green living technology.

If you were thinking of having a wine cellar, pool table, and poker table, a elegant Italian design. Think stone accent walls, dark neutral colors, and high-quality furniture. Beautiful Italian inspired paintings on every wall and book shelves around the television make for that beautiful character Italy is known for.

Family and kids come first, if you are all going to be using the basement for entertaining consider these fun and creative themes! Do your kids like the zoo? Have some fun with animal print carpets and fabrics in a creative stylish way.

Must Have Features

billiard table

Depending on the theme and reason your using your man cave, here are some must have features and paces for your entertaining space…

  • Wet Bar or Beverage Area
  • Relaxation Space for Yoga or Meditation
  • Theatre
  • Game Area – Pool Table, Ski Ball Table, Pin Ball Machine
  • Sitting and Lounging Space
  • Wine Cellar
  • Music Area
  • Basement Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Safety First

If your basement is completely underground, you will need a basement window with a window well. This is for the safety of you, your family and your guests. In case of an emergency, this will be your escape to get out of the house through the basement!

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