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8 Tips For Taking Care of Indoor Plants

Are you use to taking care of outdoor plants? It is completely different than taking care of indoor plants. I’m going to give you 8 tips that will make loving on indoor plants a whole lot easier.

Easiest Plants to Take Care of

house plant

Have you tried your hardest to keep plants in your house alive but somehow, they always die on you? Maybe it’s time to switch up the plant!

Good House Keeping shares some of the easiest plants to take care of!

  • Air Plant
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Peperomia
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe
  • English Ivy
  • Dragon Tree
  • Calathea
  • Rubber Plant
  • Bromelaid

The list goes on and on, but here are some great ones to start with!

1. Before Buying, Inspect the Plant

When buying a house plant, make sure to check the plant for any red flags. Damage on leaves, yellowing leaves, and black spots are signs of disease.

2. Learn About the Plant You Bought

I know you can buy just about anything on the internet these days, but its best to buy your plants in person. Go to a well-known nursery with knowledgeable workers that will be able to tell you all about the plant you bought.

If the people at the nursery aren’t much of a help, you can always look the plant up online. House Plant 411 is an amazing recourse to look at to find everything you need to know about house plants!

3. Place Them in the Perfect Spot

small house plant

Outside plants can be placed somewhere in your garden that’s going to get lots of sun. Some goes for your indoor plants. Place your plants where they will get loads of vitamin D from the sunshine!

Keep the plants away from things like TV’s, radiators, or heating and air conditioning ducts.

4. Give Them Light

Like I said above, place your plants where they will get sun. Let the light come in from the window! Make sure the blinds are open so the plant can get the full benefits of the rays shining through the window.

5. The Right Amount of Water

Want to know how most people kill their plants? By drowning them! To keep your plants lively, don’t over water them. Another reason people kill plants is from under watering them.

The goal is to keep the water moist, but avoid getting it completely wet. Again, follow the guide that the specific plant has but that is a good start.

6. Good Drainage

Most pots come with draining holes in the bottom. If not, there’s another way you can drain your indoor plants!

At the bottom of a pot without holes put rocks, pebbles, gravel, or anything that the water can find its way through.

7. Prevent Insects

With lager pests, like caterpillars, remove them yourself! Let those little buggers outside.

If you see insects on the leaves, simply wash them off with water and detergent. No need to use harsh chemicals!

8. Fertilizer

Feed your plants the nutrition it needs! Each plant will require different fertilizer. Read the label and ask the employers around the nursery about which fertilizer words best for your plant.

Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

office plant

Having indoor plants can improve the quality of your life. Plants are a beautiful way to purify the air in your house! They reduce the airborne dust and reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Add some beauty and benefits to your home by taking care of indoor plants!

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