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Add Life to a Boring Basement with Window Well Liners

What would you rather see as you look out the window of your basement? A stained concrete window well or gorgeous beach scenery? I believe we would all agree on the second option.

Add life to your boring basement and turn an eye sore into eye candy with a window well liner.

If you’re like me and would rather not stare at filthy concrete or rusty metal, we have a simple solution for you! High-end window well liners to cover up your existing window well material. With these liners, the view out of your basement window could actually be something you are thrilled to look at every day!

Wait, what is a window well?

If you are asking yourself this question, don’t worry because I will explain! First of all, a window well is a firm barrier made out of metal, concrete, plastic, wood, etc.

These are designed to allow natural sunlight into a basement along with provide an emergency escape route.

Second, they should be covered so that people or animals don’t fall into the huge hole that it forms. Window well covers are a great way to make them safe and give a clean sharp look from the outside of your home!

Okay, now what is a window well liner?

Okay so now that we know what a window well is, let’s talk about how we make them look more attractive! Our window well liners are the perfect way to brighten up your basement.

This cover is a vinyl liner that covers up the unfortunate looking window well. The cover is waterproof, high quality, and durable. This makes it perfect for withstanding any exposure to the elements.

Oh the beauty!

Does your family enjoy going to an island or maybe taking a hike in the forest? You can make that scenery come to life in your basement window.

The possibilities are endless here! From scenes such as beaches, forests, mountains, gardens, under the sea, sunsets, and even the solar system. You will be sure to find one that you will love to look at every day!

Make the window well even livelier!

In addition to adding the window well liner, here are some cool ideas for more design elements!

If you chose an outdoor theme such as the forest or the mountains, rocks and plants would look great at the bottom of the well! There is a wide variety of rock styles to choose from. Brighten it up even more with some light colored stones.

You will also have many different plant options to pick from, both real and fake! This makes for a beautiful garden that you have easy access to, just open the window!

Maybe the beach or under the sea is more your style. A fun idea is to put sand at the bottom of the well. Then you can throw in some seashells that the family gathered on vacation for a personal touch!

Also, add an anchor or treasure chest and you we feel like you are actually looking at the real thing! One person even incorporated a fish tank. How awesome is that!

You can even turn your window well into a place for your pet to escape to when the window is open. About 59 percent of households own pets. Are you one of them? Some people have put their pet beds into the window well. Your pets can fall in love with the scenery as well!


Making something ordinary look extraordinary is what we are all about. Taking something as simple as a window well and adding a beautiful liner to add some life to your boring basement.

Along with the natural light shining through the window, the realistic scene gives your basement a new relaxing look and feel. 

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