Selecting your Basement Window Type when Purchasing a Window Well Cover

When purchasing a window well cover it is important for us to know the type of basement window your well has if the window is located above the well. Depending on the type of window, we will suggest different styles of covers to accommodate, if necessary, the window hinging open. When filling out the free estimate form to get your cover, be sure to select the correct style of basement window to get an accurate quote and the perfect cover for your situation!

Not sure what type of basement window you have? No worries, we’re here to help! Feel free to call us at 1-888-650-9355 or contact us online.

List of Basement Window Types


Slider Basement Window

This is a very common style of basement window that slides open horizontally from either left or right. Depending on the size of this window, it could be used for emergency exit. This is also known as a horizontal single-hung window.


Casement / Crank Basement Window

These basement windows come in either 1 panel or 2 panel designs and hinge from either the left or right of the window. Many windows of this style have a crank handle to easily open the window from the inside.


Awning Basement Window

This style of window hinges at the top and the window panel goes outward from the house. Perfect for allowing airflow into your basement with protection on a rainy day.


Hopper Basement Window

The Hopper Basement Window hinges at the bottom and typically hinges inward into the basement. Great for allowing a little extra airflow and light into the basement.


Glass Block Basement Window

Typically used for basement windows in bathrooms and showers, the Glass Block basement window allows light in with added security and privacy. This window does not open.


Fixed Basement Window

This basement window does not open, hinge, or slide. Like Glass Block Windows, it is fixed in place and does not allow for means of egress.


Single Hung Basement Window

Another very popular style of basement window is the Single Hung window. These windows have 2 panels, one is stationary, and the other slides up and down vertically.


Double Hung Basement Window

This basement window consists of 2 panels that both independently slide horizontally or vertically creating an opening on both sides of the window.