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Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate UV Resistant Window Well Covers

The Benefits of Polycarbonate Window Well Covers

Closed sloped cover from crystal-clear UV-resistant polycarbonateAcrylic (Plexiglass) impact strength is significantly lower than polycarbonate and is subject to stress cracking. When ice and snow sheets off building’s roof it often shatters the mass-produced big box store covers.

Polycarbonate is a virtually unbreakable resin that withstands massive force. That is why it is used in bulletproof window applications, eyeglasses, industrial guards, motorcycle and race car windshields. This is one of the main reasons, we from Window Well Experts to use Polycarbonate to make our window well covers. Acrylic does not have the same strength and resistance to impacts.

Both materials have excellent resistance to weathering. But another favorable factor with high-quality polycarbonate window well covers is their high resistance to heat and cold for 25+ years. These covers are ideal for use in any kind of harsh environment, where they last longer than other standard construction materials, due to the UV cap sheet we special order on our polycarbonate sheet.

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Polycarbonate VS Acrylic Window Well Covers Polycarbonate window well covers VS store-bought Acrylic window well covers. See a dropped sledge hammer, toolbox, and rock smash through the competitors cheap and brittle Acryli…

Polycarbonate is resistant to sunlight, rain, snow, and hail. These properties enable our covers to last in the outdoors for many years without showing signs of fading, yellowing, or discoloration.

Polycarbonate is so light that the polycarbonate well covers are easy to remove for emergency exit. This allows our window well covers, no matter what the size, to be made to meet the strictest municipal egress codes.

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