What Causes A Damp Basement And How To Fix It

What Causes A Damp Basement And How To Fix It

Never overlook signs of a damp and wet basement. There are many different causes for this awful occurrence. Find the problem then fix it right away!

If you let a wet basement stay damp for a while, it can be detrimental to you and your family. Mildew, mold, and bacterial growth can all come about because of your wet basement. This can cause health issues to anyone living inside the house. And I know you don’t want that!

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways to fix these problems. To prevent a pretty hefty cost, fix the problem before it turns into mold!

Cause: Leak

ceiling leak

Leaks can come from a million different places and is a leading cause for wet basements. Make sure you check the basement corners, walls, ceilings, and floors frequently to catch the problem before it makes a turn for the worst!

Fix The Leak

Like I said before, leaks can come from anywhere. The first step in fixing the leak is finding out where it’s coming from. Then, stop it the second you can before it causes anymore issues!

–       Foundation Leak

Maybe you just had a huge rain storm and now your basement floor has a big puddle on it. The cause of the water is most likely a leak in the foundation. Fix this ASAP!

First, check the rain gutters. Are they clogged? If so, clean out the gutters to unclog them. Direct this gutter runoff to face away from the foundation.

Is your window well filling with water? If so, this can be a pretty big issue. Clean the water drain in the window well. To prevent this for next time, get a window well cover for your window well.

If water is an issue in your area, I suggest purchasing a sloped window well cover so the rain flows away from the foundation. Make sure that the ground slopes away from your house. If it doesn’t, re-grading your yard to do so is important.

If there is cracks in your wall where the leak is coming from, there is a cement leak stopper coating you can put over the crack. You can easily pick this leak stopper up at local hardware stores.

–       Ceiling Leak

Is there a wet spot on the ceiling? This spot is most likely under a bathroom. With the bathroom having plumbing for the toilet, sink, and shower, pin pointing the problem is essential. Find out where the exact water source is coming from so you can stop that leak.

You will most likely want to bring a professional plumber in to fix this water leak properly.

Cause: Humidity

basement humidity

Humidity can also be caused by many different situations. You might find that humidity is worse in the summer because of heat. You will also see that it’s pretty bad after a rain storm. Here are some ways to reduce and eliminate it.

Fix The Humidity

–       Rain or Ground Water

The water that is trapped in the ground can transfer into your basement causing humidity and moisture. You can feel this humidity especially after a rain. This is because the water has nowhere else to go but in.

To reduce humidity, use a dehumidifier to help the issue. Again, check for any openings in the walls that could be letting in a little moisture and patch them up.

–       Outside Air

Opening a basement window in the summer can feel great, but if it’s hot and humid out it can leave your basement a little sticky. When this hot air hits the cold basement floors and walls, it can cause condensation.

Instead of ventilating the basement with opening the basement window, turn on the air conditioning to prevent condensation. Again, a dehumidifier can also be used to get rid of the humidity in the basement.

Get Rid of Mold ASAP

If you didn’t catch the leak or humidity in time, unfortunately you need to check for mold. Get a professional mold removal company to get rid of the mold the moisture. Your family’s health is in danger if you don’t get this fixed as soon as the mold problem is found.

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