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Five Horrors of Not Having a Window Well

Five Horrors of Not Having a Window Well 1

Five Horrors of Not Having a Window Well

You may know some of the potential benefits of window wells, but it’s startling just how wide an array of problems an unsecured basement window can cause. A broken window well or cover, or one that doesn’t properly fit the window, can be almost as bad. Lacking the correct window well can potentially result in tens of thousands of dollars in property damage, in addition to endangering your family and pets. More and more, government and business organizations recognize the horrors of not having a window well: building codes across the require egress wells for furnished basements, while an increasing number of insurance companies require wells to be fitted with a proper cover to avoid accidents. Protect your house from damage and disaster by installing a new, sturdy, well-fitting window well and cover from Window Well Experts.

Water, Snow and Ice Damage

Like any uncovered hole, a window well without a window well cover is prone to collecting dirt and debris. Whether you’re dealing with dirt washed in by the rain, or trash blown in by the wind, the problem can get out of hand very quickly. A flooded basement can be a costly problem, often requiring extensive repairs and making a furnished basement room uninhabitable. Even if water doesn’t get through your windows, water or ice can damage the sides of your home. Standing water also provides an ideal breeding ground for insects, mold and mildew, especially in warm weather. To avoid all these dangers, you’ll need a leak-proof window well with a matching cover.

Dirt and Debris

Like any uncovered hole, a window without a window well is prone to collecting dirt and debris. Whether you’re dealing with dirt washed in by the rain, or trash blown in by the wind, the problem can get out of hand very quickly. Of course, this problem combines with water in terrible ways — nobody wants their basement windows surrounded by wet, decaying leaves, for example. In extreme cases, the soil around your window can even cave in, potentially causing severe damage to your home. Give Window Well Experts a call to prevent this potentially catastrophic result.

Basement Infestation

A properly covered window well will keep out animals that could pose a danger to you and your home. In our 40 years selling and manufacturing window wells, we’ve seen unsecured basement windows attract rats, mice, birds, snakes, skunks and more. If the space below your window is filled with water, dirt, leaves, or mulch, that makes it an even more desirable breeding ground for insects and other vermin.

Falling Hazards

Leaving the below-ground area around your basement windows uncovered is not so different from having an open pit in your yard. It can be dangerous for children, animals or anyone who happens to fall or make a misstep. A window well cover is a good step to avoid this risk, but you have to make sure to pick the right one. Many low-quality plastic window covers either don’t hold weight well, or else they’re prone to cracking. Luckily, Window Well Experts has you covered. Our Lexan (TM) polycarbonate covers and rustproof aluminum grates are able to hold more than 400 pounds without breaking, so they’ll stand up to even the weight of a falling adult, and won’t break if hit with rocks or stray lawn care equipment.

Emergency Preparedness

Your window well will keep water, debris and more from getting in, but what if you need to get out? Protect yourself and your family by installing an egress well. Fitted with a ladder for easy escape, your window well can become an exit in case of fire or other emergencies, while also allowing rescue personnel to enter the house. Window Well Experts’ covers and grates are light enough to be easily removed, and if you fit them with quick-release locks, they’ll keep intruders out while allowing them to be opened easily from the inside. With any luck, you’ll never need to use your egress wells, but if you do, they could save your family’s lives.

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