How to Hail Proof Your Home

Two hands hold hail balls

We all know that hail can be a huge pain in the butt sometimes. Those little frozen rain pellets can cause some serious damage to your home if you’re not prepared for it.

Hail can pop up unexpectedly and you don’t need those extra expenses to fix the damage. Follow these tips to make sure your home will be ready for the next hail storm!

Protect Your Windows

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Windows are very vulnerable during a hail storm. They can be cracked or shattered if the hail is large enough and hits the windows with enough force. In order to protect your windows, you should look into installing shutters.

Permanent Storm Shutters Or Temporary Storm Shutters

Both permanent and temporary shutters can offer great protection for your windows.

Permanent shutters are typically made of aluminum or steel and attached to the building so they can be easily shut when a storm rolls in. They make it quick and easy to so everything can be protected in just a few minutes.

Temporary shutters are usually constructed of a corrugated material. The hinges should be installed on the home ahead of time so when a storm is expected, the shutters can be installed quickly and easily. This takes a little longer than the permanent style but may be a better option if you’re not crazy about the look of permanent shutters.

Best Roof Materials

asphalt shingles after snow storm

Replacing the roof on your home can be a huge expense if it is damaged by hail! Common asphalt shingles will hold up fairly well during a small storm. However, if you live in an area that experiences more frequent and powerful hail storms it may not be the best option.

There are a couple of different options that may offer better protection. Dent-resistant metal roofing is one of them. This is designed to stand against the damages caused by hail. Another option to look into is rubber-style roofing.

Cut Trees Around House

It’s smart to cut trim or cut the trees down around your house. If you fail to do this, during a hail storm, the tree might fall on your home. This will equal a ridiculous amount of repair needed from a tree falling on your home.

Take care of that before it becomes a huge problem.

Window Well Cover

Our window well covers are designed to hold up against hail damage. They will not dent, crack, or shatter during a storm. They will also provide protection to your basement window that could possibly be damaged or broken if left uncovered.

Bring Outdoor Furniture In

patio after hail storm

This one may seem obvious, but we often forget the simple things when the stress of a big storm hits. Remember to bring as much as possible inside. Cars, furniture, or anything else that could be damaged by hail.

Replacing other household items can really add up.


If you live in an area with frequent storms, it is important to spend some money to hail-proof your home. Damages from a hail storm can far exceed the price you will pay to protect it in the first place.

Take a walk around the outside of your home to see where you can make some changes and protect yourself and your family!

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