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How To Keep Trash And Debris Out Of Your Window Well

Do you ever randomly get trash or a build up of leaves in your window well? How does it end up there and where does it come from? Better yet, how do you stop it from happening?

Looking out the basement window and seeing trash or debris isn’t the most attractive thing for your basement. Especially if it’s a place where people gather often. You want a clean looking window well to go along with your beautiful basement.

There is a simple solution to all of this. Keep trash out of your window well for good!

What All Can End Up In My Window Well?

yard trash

Well, just about anything! The wind picks up trash and debris laying around the yard or street and some of it can find a home in your window well.

Leaves from the fall and grass clippings from you mowing your lawn are most likely to end up down into that hole.

Not only can leaves find their way in there, but humans and pets accidently can too! At this point, it can be extremely dangerous when little children or pets are playing around in the yard and find themselves falling down the hole of your window well.

That doesn’t look good for you as a homeowner and it can end up in severe injury depending on the fall. We can keep all of these things out of your window well with one simple solution. Keep reading…

As A Homeowner, Why Should I Care If It Gets Backed Up?

Not only does this build up look bad, it can be dangerous too. If the window well gets too packed with miscellaneous items, it won’t be able to serve its purpose! It’s meant to be an emergency escape when there is no other way out of your house.

If there is a fire, you and your family need to be able to escape out of the window well safely.

These random items will also cause your water drain to back up. If the drain gets clogged water can easily fill up the window well. When the window well gets filled up with water it can cause leaking into your basement window.

Plain and simple, it will cause a big mess that you don’t want to deal with. It’s easier to take care of now before it causes other damaging issues to your home.

The Ultimate Solution To These Problems

kid standing on window well cover

Easily keep debris, trash, pets, animals, children, and adults out of your window well for good. Cover that hole up! The best solution is to purchase a window well cover. They hold up to 400 pounds to make sure nothing will fall in or end up in your window well.

They are perfectly safe and easy to lift up when escaping the window well for an emergency exit.

Yes, window well covers keep things out of you window well. But they also look pretty dang good! This will give the side of your home instant curb appeal.

Pick Your Cover

With our window well covers, you have a great collection of options. No matter what beautiful cover you pick, we custom make them to fit your window well measurements exactly.

Worried about it turning that awful yellow color from the sun? Well, with ours you don’t have too! They are UV resistant. That means it will stay the clear just like the day you got it!

Now, your children and pets can run freely without worrying about falling into the well. No more trash or build up either!

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