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How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

You know your fur baby means the world to you! They have a special place in your heart, and also need a special place in your home! Living with a furry friend can be challenging at times, but there are ways to make it a lot easier.

Make your home a safe and friendly environment to live in! Your little four-legged loved ones will appreciate you even more than they already do. Take these awesome tips and implement them in your home today!

Make a Place Just for Them

dog with a blanket

Pets need their own little spot to feel the most comfortable in. Whether they are tired or want some alone time (yes, pets want alone time too!), they need a relaxing space to call their own.

Find a place in your home that doesn’t get much traffic and put a pet bed there. Keep toys and their food dishes nearby this place so they feel at home in their little area.

Remove Hazards Around the House

Let’s talk about keeping your pet safe and out of harm’s way! I would suggest getting on the ground at your pets level and going through your house and spotting out potential dangers. If you see any medication, cleaning products, perfumes, and any food that they are not allowed to have, place them up high where they can’t get into them. It’s best to store things in high cabinets because some pets can jump up onto countertops.

You want to be looking for things that might electrocute, strangle, or suffocate them. Watch out for cords, electrical wires and extensions cords. Relocate or cover them up so that your pet can’t get itself tangles up in these items.

Pet Washing Station

dog in a red bucket

Pets tend to find themselves playing in the mud and easily get dirty. A responsibility you take on as a pet owner is washing them often. Keeping them clean also means keeping your home clean, so it’s worth it!

Have a space where you wash them frequently. Some people even build a pet bathing station in their mud room to keep from tracking mud through the house. Pretty darn smart if you ask me!

Research Landscape

Having a pet door and letting them out into the backyard whenever they want is a huge time saver. But you have to make sure that your backyard is completely pet friendly.

Not all flowers are created equal. Some are actually poisonous to your pets.  The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has a list of toxic plants that can be severely dangerous to your little furry friend.

Extra Tips

I will leave you with some extra tips that you need to know to make your home as pet friendly as possible!

  • Cover your garbage. Pets love to get themselves into your trash cans.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed. Pets believe this is one of their water bowls.
  • Keep items that can be chewed hidden. Especially shoes.
  • Place a plastic placemat under their food and water bowls for less of a mess.
  • If you want your pet out of a room, use a baby gate to block them from entering.

Use these tips in your own home to keep your house pet-friendly!

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