Move Into Your New Home With Ease Having These Items

Young family moving into new house

Moving into a new home can be a fun and challenging experience all at the same time. A new home brings so much excitement, yet so many responsibilities.

To make your life easier, I wanted to make a list of things you will need moving into a new home. Even though it can be stressful, having these items can make the move less dreadful.

I’ll share with you tools and supplies you will need for inside and outside of your new home. You might actually have some of these in your possession already!

Tools and Supplies

Here are some tools and supplies you will want to have with you in a new home!

  • Measuring Tape – You will need a measuring tape for measuring out furniture, pictures, shelving, and anything else you want to measure in the house.
  • Hammer – A hammer is needed for hammering nails for hanging pictures or anything else you want up on the wall. It will also come in handy when needed to nail something together.
  • Nails – Nails will be needed to hang these things on the wall!
  • Flashlight – A flashlight is good to have in case you need to find your way through dark small spaces or if the lights go out.
  • Ladder – Always have a ladder around for cleaning gutters or hanging things up in high places.
  • Leveler – You want things to be straight in your new home, don’t you?


Your yard will be maintained all year long with these tools and your hard work!

  • Rakes – Rakes are needed in the fall to gather all the leaves.
  • Dirt Shovel – If you do your own landscape, a dirt shovel is necessary to place the dirt where you want it to be.
  • Lawn Mower – If you have a front and backyard, keep it maintained by mowing the lawn once a week or when needed.
  • Hose – You’ll need a hose for washing your car, filling up a water bucket, watering the landscape, and so much more.
  • Weed-whacker – For places your lawn mower can’t go, weed-whack the plants and grass you want cut.


It’s more likely than not that you are going to want to paint some part of the house. Here are supplies you will need on hand to start painting!

  • Straight and angled paint brushes – You will need both of these brushes to get corners and tight spaces painted.
  • Paint rollers – The easiest way to paint a big surface is with paint rollers.
  • Paint trays – Paint trays keep you from getting paint everywhere!
  • Drop-cloths – These are there to keep your floors from getting paint on them.
  • Painters tape – To make your paint job look as professional as possible, use painters tape to keep a clean line around the walls.


You just bought a new house, so I know you want to keep it clean! Have these items around the house to keep it spotless.

  • Broom – You will need a broom to keep the hard floor surfaces free from dust and other particles.
  • Dustpan & brush – Now that you’ve swept everything up with a broom, you need a dustpan and brush to get the crumbs in the garbage.

Move in With Ease

Having these key items will help you get a great start in your new home! At first, with these essentials you will be able to do things around your house comfortably. Then you can see what else you need for specific tasks and add on to your supplies and tools!


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