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Organic Vegetables and Herbs to Grow in Your Garden

Providing our bodies and our families bodies with organic food is the healthiest way to go. When food labels say organic on them, you instantly feel better, right?

But that price tag isn’t always comforting. There’s no doubt organic food is expensive. Ever think of growing your own organic produce in your backyard?

Maybe you can’t grow everything you buy, but you can cut the cost down quite a bit by having your own organic garden.

Here are some great vegetables and herbs you can grow in an organic garden and tips on how to grow the best!



When harvested from your own garden, carrots are extra sweet and crunchy. The key to growing carrots is keeping them evenly watered. If they grow in dry soil, their flavor will turn bitter instead of sweet.

If you want to grow them in a container instead of the garden, make sure the container is 12 inches deep. That way the carrot has room to grow long.


Peas are another vegetable that has a bit of sweetness to them and is great to grow in the garden. They won’t come as sweet in the stores, that’s why it’s best to grow them yourself.

Peas thrive in warm weather from 40-85 degrees, but they won’t grow well at all in extremely hot weather. Keep an eye on the temperature to help peas to grow their best. It’s your best bet to grow them in the spring or fall.


You won’t get any ripe beautiful tomatoes from a store! Many different types of tomatoes grow finest in a home garden. You can grow grape, cherry, plum, and more tomatoes successfully in your own garden. One thing to watch out for is a horn warm on the tomatoes. Remove these by hand if you see one.

Homegrown organic tomatoes will go perfectly on top of a summer salad!


When growing beets, you get two beneficial, colorful, and delicious vegetables. You can eat the beets themselves and the beet greens!

It’s best to harvest beets small, when they grow large they lose their sweet flavor.


You can easily grow chives indoors and outdoors. It’s ideal to harvest chives 60 days after seeding. Chives thrive when planted in the spring. Around May and June is when the plant will flower. They also love all the sun they can get!



Want easy produce to grow in your garden? Cucumbers are an awesome pick! They love the sun’s rays shining down on them and they also loved being hydrated by lots of water.

The seed doesn’t have to be planted too deep, only about an inch. And the seeds need to be planted about 36-60 inches apart. They also grow very quickly!

Bell Peppers

The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that you need to start seeding bell peppers indoors 8-10 weeks before last spring frost date. For the fastest results, warmer weather is necessary. You can harvest the peppers as soon as you like the size of them!

Home Grown Goodness

Bringing vegetables and herbs right from your backyard will provide the tastiest dinners. Not only do they taste great, but the accomplishment of growing your own produce will be sweet as well!

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