Tips and Accessories For Trampoline Safety

Do you remember growing up as a kid having a blast with your friends on a trampoline? I sure do! Back then, you probably didn’t think of all the injuries people could get from trampolines, until you got hurt yourself.

Huffington Post explains that more than 1 million people went to the emergency departments for trampoline-related injuries between 2002 and 2011, with about 300,000 of those injuries including broken bones. Trampoline safety is not something to take lightly.

If you have a trampoline now or are thinking about getting one, there are a couple safety tips that I think will help you feel safer about having one!


A ladder is absolutely needed to get out of the trampoline safely. When kids are done, they usually just hop out off of the trampoline without even thinking anything about it. This can cause injury by landing on the ground wrong.

You can find a safety ladder just about anywhere. Make sure to add this to your trampoline to ensure your kids safety exiting when they are done.

Jumping off the side of the trampoline might seem fun to a little kid, but teach them to use the ladder for their own safety.

Safety Net

trampolines on the beach

A safety net is a key safety feature that should be on all trampoline. This keeps everyone in the trampoline inside without flying out or getting bumped off.

Even with a net, children like to push the limits. Make sure they aren’t jumping higher than the net or else this defeats the purpose of a safety net.

Spring Free

You know the springs that go around a trampoline. When you were little, how many times did you get yourself stuck in them? I don’t know about you, but my leg fell through them a couple of times!

Now, they have spring-free trampolines. Instead of the springs being around the trampoline, they are below and on the side. This way no one will get any limbs stuck in the springs!

Safety Pad

family jumping on trampoline

If your trampoline happens to have springs, that’s okay. They have safety equipment for that too!

For trampolines with springs, place a safety pad on top of them. This keeps kids from falling into the springs. This also gives a padded protection in case children fall into the pad.

Trampoline Safety Tips

Since this is a serious matter, I’ll leave you with a couple more tips…

  • Supervise the trampoline if children are on it. You’ll want to check and see if kids are being safe while they are jumping!
  • Don’t let anyone on the trampoline with jewelry on. This can potential cause injury while jumping.
  • Before anyone jumps on the trampoline, look to see if anything is rusted or needs replaced such as the springs.
  • Keep the trampoline away from trees or any objects that children can jump and hurt themselves on.

Make sure your trampoline has the key accessories I listed above as well. As a parent with a trampoline, you don’t want your child or anyone else’s child getting hurt. Follow these tips and tricks to keep everyone while having a blast at your home!

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