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Tips For Making Your Ceilings Appear Taller


Are you stuck in a home with low ceilings? Wish you could make them taller? If you physically want to make them taller, that could take a lot of your time and money. Before you go to the extreme of reconstructing your entire home, try these simple tricks that can make your walls appear taller!

While you’re making these minor tweaks throughout your home, you’ll notice the style you are adding to it too! So here are some easy tips to transform your short walls into higher ones!


Where are your curtain rods right now? Usually, people put the curtain rod right above the window. Yes, this looks nice! But if you want your walls to appear taller, don’t do this! Instead, take the rod right underneath the ceiling. This will give the appearance of a more elevated window and a higher ceiling!

The same thing goes for shower curtains. Instead of placing the rod right above the showerhead, place it up high right underneath the ceiling. This will make a massive difference in your bathroom. Your walls will instantly look and feel taller.

Keep it Light and Simple

When all else fails, keep it light and simple. Paint the room a light color such as white, ivory, or light gray. Keeping everything the same light color will make the room appear bigger and taller than it actually is.

Full Height Storage

Book shelving, open shelving, built-ins, and any storage you use in your home should be all the way to the ceiling. By doing this, it draws the eyes upward. If you already have shelving and they don’t quite reach your ceiling, add crown molding to the top. This will give the bookcase or shelving style and more height.

Make a Feature Ceiling

To make a ceiling look higher, you have to draw attention to the ceiling. Add color or a feature to the ceiling to draw eyes up to it. Here are some eye-catching ideas you can add to your ceiling.

  • Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. It’s something people don’t usually do so it will draw attention to the ceiling.
  • You can add wood planks to the ceiling. Get enough 2×4’s to cover your ceiling with them and paint the wood any stain or color you would like. Or you can keep the wood raw, which always looks rustic and beautiful too.
  • Add a stunning light fixture. Make sure it doesn’t hang too low, but something so beautiful that lights the room well and catches people’s attention.

Tall Mirrors

You can never go wrong with a tall mirror. They add beauty to a room and reflect lots of light! Natural light is reflected from a mirror, making the whole room feel so much bigger. This will elongate the walls and make the ceilings feel taller as well.

Love the Look

The look of higher ceilings will add a whole new outlook on the inside of your home. The rooms will feel bigger, and people will absolutely notice the difference! So enjoy the fresh exciting feeling you get walking into a room that feels tall and open with these easy tips and tricks!

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