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How to Turn Your Basement Into a Woman Cave

Yes, I said it! A woman cave, ladies lounge, diva den, babe cave, ma’am cave, fox hole, ladies lair, she shed, whatever you would like to call it. It doesn’t always have to be man cave. Woman need their own space too!

If you’re a woman and have no idea what to turn the ladies lounge into, I have some sexy idea’s that you will love! Let’s dig right into these ideas on how to turn your basement into the most amazing woman cave.

Yoga/Workout Room

yoga workout room

Yoga Journal says there are 20 million people in the U.S. that practice yoga. 82.2% of those 20 million people are woman. Are you one of them?

Turn your basement into the most zen place you possibly can to practice yoga. Use neutral colors that are calming. Here are some colors that are relaxing and help to reduce stress. I mean, that’s why you are making this lady lair escape, right?

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Gray

Maybe Yoga isn’t the only workout you do. You can have a yoga room and workout room in the basement together. Usually basements will have enough room for you to turn half into a workout space and half into a yoga space.

For your workout space, put up giant mirrors that almost take up the entire wall. This gives it a gym style look. Add some wood flooring, a mini fridge, weights, and an exercise ball and you have yourself a basement workout space!

Reading Retreat

reading spot

If you host the monthly book club meeting at your home, a reading retreat is what you need to turn your basement into! Even if you would just love a place of peace and quiet to go read your favorite book, this is an excellent option.

To make this retreat, it’s best to keep the design simple without many distractions. Keep the colors white, light, and airy.

Custom white built in book shelves filled with all of your favorite books would give the room some color and character.

A must have furniture piece in your reading retreat is a comfortable chair for you to read in with lots of pillows and blankets around you.

Add some personal touches with photos on the wall and maybe a little wine fridge or bar to have a delightful glass of wine while your reading.

Ladies Lounge

An official ladies lounge is where the girls night happens. This can be anything you want it to be. But a ladies lounge has a couple key features.

A wet bar being one of them. How amazing would it be to have a stunning bar designed with white tile and glitter grout? Add some gold bar stools with fabric for the stool cushion and the look is perfected!

You also need the right furniture. A comfortable yet elegant couch with two gorgeous chairs to have one on either side. Add pillows to the furniture with fun colorful fabric and a coffee table to match the bar.

Make sure you have an entertainment center with a large TV for those much needed chick flick nights.

With these key elements, you have yourself an entertaining ladies lounge you and the girls will love.

Woman Cave

Sebring Services has the ultimate list of woman cave ideas. Create yourself the most amazing getaway right in your basement!

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