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Window Wells and Safety


The benefits of window wells go beyond avoiding property damage and beautifying your home. A high-quality window well and cover will provide your family with an emergency exit, guard your basement windows against intruders, and prevent dangerous falls. At Window Well Experts, we’ve seen hundreds of cases where a window well or cover has made a difference in security or averted a potentially tragic accident. Call or email us to find out how we can increase your window well safety.

Cover Your Window Well, Prevent a Fall

Having a window well without a cover is like keeping an open pit in your yard. More and more insurance companies across the nation, aware of the dangers of uncovered wells, require homeowners to cover their window wells securely. Even if your insurance doesn’t demand it, it’s highly recommended that you protect yourself, your family, and your pets with a window well cover designed to withstand impacts. Unfortunately, not all window well covers are strong enough to resist breaking. Still, Window Well Experts’ clear Lexan (TM) polycarbonate covers and aluminum grates are designed to hold more than 400 pounds in weight, so you don’t need to worry if you step or even fall on them.

Egress Wells

If a fire or other emergency strikes your house, how will you get out? An egress window well is a great option, and in most cities and states, it’s required by law. Building codes across the nation require any basement room used as a bedroom to have an accessible window exit, set up for easy escape, or for rescue personnel to enter the building. Even if your basement isn’t a bedroom, you can safeguard your house and family by installing egress wells outside your windows.

At Window Well Experts, we’ve got an egress well to fit your needs, no matter what size your window is, how deep below the ground it goes, or what your local building codes require. (Check with your local housing inspector to find out what you need!) Our solutions include composite window wells with built-in steps, as well as sturdy ladders that attach to the side of your galvanized steel well. Window Wells and Safety go hand-in-hand.

Window Well Grates

If you’re worried about intruders sneaking into your basement, a quick-release locking system is a great idea for your window well cover or grate. Window Well Experts’ well covers and aluminum grates are almost impervious to damage, and our window well cover locks keep unwanted guests from removing your well cover from the outside. The locks open quickly and easily from the inside, so you can still use your well as an escape hatch. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, these rustproof locks will keep you safe for decades to come.

Hinges and Hatches

Because our well covers are so light in weight, it’s easy to lift most of them out from the inside. If you have a particularly large egress window area, though, we’ve got you covered with various custom-built hinges and hatches. A hinge on the back of your well cover, combined with a built-in pop-up bar, makes opening the well cover even faster. A hinged well cover allows you to ventilate your home on warm days, making it doubly useful. If you’re covering a long egress window well with a grate, it might make sense to let us include a trap door hatch above the ladder, keeping you from having to move the whole unwieldy grate and saving you precious seconds in an emergency situation.  Just let us know, and we’ll be glad to tell you about your options for a custom grate.

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