Window Wells for City Living

Window Wells for City Living

Window Wells for City Living 1

Founded in 1975, Window Well Experts is based in southern Wisconsin, where we make and sell our high-quality wells, covers and accessories. We do a lot of our business in Chicago, the city with the most window wells in the world, so we think it’s safe to say that we know about the particular demands of window wells for city living. We ship window wells across the United States and Canada, so no matter where you are, we deliver high-quality, rustproof galvanized steel or composite window wells to you. Check out our website for an idea of our selection, and call or email us for a free estimate.

Benefits of Window Wells for City Living

While window wells are important for any house with a basement window, they’re particularly important in heavily populated areas. rain, snow and ice can easily collect between buildings, and if water leaks into your basement, you can find yourself dealing with property damage and costly repairs. A window well is also important if you’re going to furnish your basement as a bedroom or living room. In that case, your local building codes probably require an emergency exit in case of fire or other disasters, and an egress window well equipped with a ladder fits the bill. Window wells are also important for home security, and help to keep rats, insects and other vermin out of your basement.

Finding the Right Size and Shape

It’s always important to pick a window well that fits your window securely, but in a city, that choice can be especially important. You may need to fit your window well into a specific area, in order to avoid obstructing walkways or interfering with underground pipes. It’s important to know what shape you’ll need, especially if you need to fit your window well to a sidewalk or other concrete surroundings. Older buildings frequently have grades or foundations that have shifted, requiring extensions to accommodate the well properly. That’s where Window Well Experts comes in. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, we can give you advice on finding the right well for the job. When you decide, we can provide you with wells in dozens of shapes and sizes, and can even produce a custom well to fit your specific needs.

Covering Your Window Wells

Your window well isn’t complete without a secure cover, and Window Well Experts, we custom-make all our covers to match your well. Whether you need a raised dome cover to make room for a window frame that extends above the ground or a vented cover to allow for airflow, we can produce a cover that fits your needs. All our clear covers are made of durable Lexan ™ polycarbonate, which can withstand more than 400 pounds of pressure without cracking, making them virtually unbreakable. If you’ve got a lot of foot traffic around your well, we suggest you consider one of our aluminum grates. Check our website or call us to find out your many options.

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