Bilco StakWEL® Modular Window Well

StakWEL by Bilco allows you to easily add code compliant emergency egress to a basement using modular pieces that you can stack to your desired depth.

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Modular Design

Modules can be stacked up to six high, allowing them to be used on foundations greater than ten foot in depth.

Bilco StakWEL® Modular Window Well 5

Easy Installation

Simply stack the modules to obtain the desired window well depth. Need more depth? Just add another module!

Bilco StakWEL® Modular Window Well 1

Versatile Mounting

Versatile mounting flanges are designed for attachment to standard window buck or directly to the foundation wall

More Information about StakWEL

StakWel is made of high-density polyethylene to provide a durable, maintenance free, rust free window well. StakWel is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most window dimensions and foundation height.

StakWEL Installation Instructions

PDF instructions for installing StakWEL Window Wells

StakWEL Brochure

Get more information on the StakWEL Window Well

Well Measuring Guide PDF

Instructions on how to measure your window and foundation for a window well


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Bilco StakWEL® Modular Window Well 5

Number of

Assembled Height 
inches  cm
1 21 53.3
2 36-3/8 92.4
3 51-3/4 131.4
4 67-1/8 170.5
5 82-1/2 209.5
6 97-7/8 248.6
Bilco products can withstand a minimum 200 lb live load.