10 Critical Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips

10 Critical Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again! Sunny summer days are coming, and relaxing out by the pool is a must.

Have your own backyard pool? If so, it doesn’t get much better than hosting a backyard pool party every summer!

Your friends and family enjoying food, drinks, and swimming together is your definition of fun. To keep the party enjoyable, here are some safety tips to consider while anyone is using your pool.

1. You NEED a Fence

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A fence is crucial around your pool. This keeps kids out of the pool when there is no one watching it. The pool fence should be 4 feet high with a locked gate. Make sure there is no furniture outside of the pool gate that children could climb over to get inside the gate.

This may be an expense but it can save a little child’s life by not letting them in a pool that’s unsupervised.

2. Clear The Area

Pool toys and floating devices are fun but make sure there are none laying around the pool area. If children are running around (if they are running stop them) they might trip over these toys.

Keeping the area clear makes sure that no one’s gets silly little bruises by tripping and falling on the concrete. Or worst-case scenario someone trips over a toy, falls on their head and into the pool.

When you see a toys laying around, pick them up! Keep around the pool clean and tidy so that no one gets hurt.

3. Who To Share Safety Rules With

Safety rules need to be shared with anyone around the pool. Make a nice big sign with the rules on them so that everyone can see.

If you’re having a pool party with adults and children, I suggest getting them together before anyone goes into the pool and telling them the rules so everyone’s on the same page.

If you have a babysitter for your children and allow them to take your kids swimming in the backyard, its crucial that they know your house swimming rules.

4. On Duty At All Times

Never, and I mean never leave the pool unsupervised. At any time, a child can be drowning and no one would know because it’s not something you can hear.

If you are on pool watch duty and need to leave the area for some reason, make sure another adult is watching the pool.

5. What to Keep By A Pool

Always have a phone nearby. We always have our cell phones on us now so this safety tip shouldn’t be too hard! You need your phone handy in case of an emergency.

6. No Glass

This is an important rule that you see at public pools and should be a rule at your backyard pool as well. Glass can easily break and go right into someone’s foot.

Instead of giving people glasses to drink out of keep plastic cups by the pool. Use plastic bowls and plates to keep ceramic from breaking as well.

7. Check Pool Drain Covers

Drain covers have an expiration date on them. If the drain has expired they must be changed. Check with your local pool and spa store and get approved drain covers for your pool.

8. Be CPR Certified

Taking a CPR class for adults and children should be an essential training pool owners need to go through. If you’re going to let children and adults swim at your pool, get the CPR certification in case you need to take action one day.

9. Keep First Aid Kit Close

You’ll need to have band aids around in a first aid kit for little scraps and cuts. When these little accidents happen, you’ll want to have the first aid kit close!

10. Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Swim

To give yourself a little relief, make sure everyone knows how to swim before they get into the pool. If a child doesn’t know how to swim, have their parent in the pool with them the entire time.

Stay Safe And Have Fun!

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Strictly follow your safety rules so that no one gets hurt and you have a blast with your backyard pool this summer!

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