Aluminum Window Well Grate

Custom fabricated aluminum grate window well covers fit your window well exactly and allow airflow into your basement.

  • Lightweight, Rust-Free Aluminum Design
  • Supports Up To 40 Pounds Per Square Foot
  • Custom-Fit To Your Well
  • Optional Powder-Coating in any color
  • Optional Emergency Escape Hatch and locks available

Window well grates are made from high-quality, rust-free aluminum that is lightweight for safety and easy removal. Our metal window well grates can be made to match any style, shape, and size of window well.

An open basement window well is simply a sort of invitation to some dangerous situations which could cause harm to your household. It can serve as an “open door” to debris and invaders into your home’s basement. Having a reliable grate can prevent accidents and unauthorized access with optional locks. The basement window well grate is the perfect solution to those issues.

We can make grates for any shape or size well (square, rectangular, half-circle, U-shaped, etc). There is no such thing as “standard” here. Each well is unique, and we go into each project with that mindset.

We can give your grate a “finishing touch” with powder coating colors of black or gray, or a custom color to work with your home’s colors.

Product Features:

  • Safely supports up to 400 lbs. Heavy-duty and commercial grade Grates are also available.
  • Ideal where easy fresh air ventilation is desired.
  • Allows natural light into the room.
  • It can be custom-made for all sizes of window wells and cover any egress window requirements.
  • Can cover metal, plastic composite, concrete, landscape timber, and landscape block wells.
  • Powder-coat finishes are available in Grey and Black.
    • Custom powder-coat coloring is available to match most paint colors.

Fire Exit Escape Hatch

Aluminum grates are ideal for egress and larger size window wells. Their lightweight strength assures that your family can escape from a hazardous situation in your basement. It also allows for municipal code compliance, yet they are safe to walk on and hold 400 pounds. We can make a grate to suit any size well. Larger size wells need an escape hatch to ensure that the smallest member of your family can escape easily.

The hatch does have a prop-up bar for ease of use. The hatch placement is determined by the placement of your escape ladder and/or the way your window opens.

An escape hatch is usually unnecessary on metal window wells, as the grates are light enough to push aside. We make the grates to your well size, so if your well is a non-standard size or misshapen, we can accommodate your needs like no one else!

Custom Aluminum Window Well Grate – Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality Aluminum: Our egress window grates which are made of high-quality, lightweight, and rust-free aluminum, is your best option when searching for an ideal cost-effective covering for your window wells for excellent ventilation in your basement.
  • Sturdy and Rugged: This product is built to withstand extreme tension and weather conditions. It can comfortably support up to 400 pounds of weight – the equivalent of of two average adults. Therefore, it can comfortably withstand both kids and adults stepping on it without collapsing.
  • Custom Made: This product can be custom-made for you depending on your requirements in design, style, shape, and dimensions. Our custom designs include metal, plastic composite, concrete, landscape timber, and landscape block.
  • Supports proper airflow: This window well grate is designed with proper ventilation in mind, allowing normal air passage into and out of the basement but blocking unwanted elements like debris and invaders from entering.
  • Buy With Peace Of Mind: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with every purchase you make from us. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to give you the best in terms of quality.

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Jann & Scott C, Duluth, MinnesotaJann & Scott C

I wanted to let you know that we are VERY happy with the quality of your work! I have included a photo of the more complicated of the 2 well covers. It is a PERFECT FIT and the welding is top-notch!
small aluminium grate (U-shaped)
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Craig O, Providence, Rhode IslandCraig O

Fits like a glove! Thank you.
Aluminum metal grate, black powder coat, escape hatch
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P. Youngs, Lansing, MichiganP. Youngs

It took place as expected with an educated and professional organization.

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