Window Well Covers, Grates, and Egress Kits

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Window Well Covers

Custom Window Well Covers made out of unbreakable, crystal clear Polycarbonate. Designed to withstand up to 400 pounds and is UV resistant.

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Window Wells

Emergency Egress Window Wells available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Our most popular is the Corrugated Steel Window Well.

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Metal Grate Covers

Custom metal grates to fit any shape, size, and style window well. Our Aluminum grates are lightweight, rust-free, and ultra-durable.

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Window well accessories include our egress-compliant ladders for emergency escape, quick-release locks,  window well hinges, vents, and decorative well liners.

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Lifetime Warranty on selected Custom Window Well Covers

Window Well Experts’ Sloped, Flat, and Bubble style covers come with a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. Click here for more information on our Lifetime Warranty.

Our Lifetime Warranty protects your cover from:

  • Broken aluminum parts, hinges, or locks
  • Cracks or splits in the Polycarbonate cover
  • Broken clips that attach the cover to the well

Window Well Cover Features

  • Crystal Clear

    Crystal-clear polycarbonate, UV treated to prevent yellowing

  • Keeps Water Out

    Our covers are designed to keep water, debris, and animals out of your well

  • Custom Design

    Custom-fit to match your window well exactly. Don’t settle for anything less.

  • Unbreakable Design

    Supports up to 400 pounds of static pressure.

Egress compliant window wells, covers, and kits

Egress Ladders

Galvanized steel Egress Ladders available in three styles: Hook-over, Bolt-on, and Hook-over for Concrete/Brick window wells.

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Basement Windows

Energy Star Certified Basement Windows. Featuring Slider and In-Swing style windows in a variety of sizes.

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Egress Kit Solutions

The IRC code-compliant packs include basement windows, wells, covers, and fire escape ladders.

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Why Custom Window Well Covers and Window Wells?

We have been designing and manufacturing window well covers for over 40 years.

Window Well Experts manufactures the best crystal-clear “Unbreakable” low-profile window well covers, along with the finest window well bubble and atrium dome covers. Each basement well cover is custom-made to fit any window well perfectly.

Covering the existing window wells with durable Polycarbonate window well covers, specially made to fit your situation, will secure your property.

Our company has been specializing in fabricating lightweight, rust-free aluminum metal grates and window well top covers for over 30 years. In addition, we can offer galvanized steel mesh or bar grates for heavy traffic areas. 

Our metal grates (Aluminum or Steel) can be customized in any size, shape, and color. They can be accommodated for special situations such as ventilation problems, pipes protruding from the basement wells, and any clearance issues the property may have with meters or siding.

Decorative Window Well Liners


Window well liners are the perfect solution to prettify a boring window well. They are an excellent enhancement for any basement renovation project. The decorative, waterproof, high-quality scenic liners can easily add a beautiful view through a basement window. 

The window well scenes camouflage and brighten any egress well with relaxing forest or exotic beach landscape. The liners also help reflect the natural sunlight and make a significant difference in the room’s brightening. Click below to browse through all scene murals available and their sizes. 

Make your basement more comfortable and enjoyable!

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  • Egress ladders are available in two types: Hook-Оver for both metal and concrete wells, and Bolt-Оn wells for any style well: Ladders are available in 6 heights: 3 step for wells 48″ deep or less 4 step for wells 52″ – 62″ deep 5 step for wells 63″ – 72″ deep 6 step for wells 73″ – 84″ deep…

  • Hinges and prop-up bars make ventilation and emergency fire escape much easier. Adding hinges & a pop-up bar to your cover: Allows easier access in and out of the well Allows natural light and airflow Egress compliant escape hatches Suitable for most custom-sized hinged well covers Can be added to all metal or plastic covers…

  • Made from rust-resistant galvanized steel Suitable for all metal window wells SMALL WINDOW WELLS: Foundation Vent Wells (Crawlspace Square, Semi-Circle, and Elongated Wells) LARGE WINDOW WELLS: Large Egress and Non-Egress Compliant Shapes available: elongated, half-circle, U-shaped 30 Year Warranty View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • These quick-release emergency egress locks can prevent unwanted access to your home through your basement window wells. Made From Rust-Free Material Quick-Release From The Inside For Emergency Exit Egress Compliant Product View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate