Sloped Window Well Cover

Custom-designed to fit any shape, size, and type of window well. This polycarbonate window well cover provides the protection you need.

  • Sloped Design For Optimal Drainage
  • Supports Up to 400 Pounds
  • Crystal-Clear Unbreakable Polycarbonate
  • UV-Treatment Prevents Yellowing
  • Custom-Fit to YOUR Well Perfectly
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Has Up to a 2″ Slope

“Unbreakable” Sloped Window Well Covers

Our custom-styled sloped window well covers are made to shed water, dirt, and debris away from your home. Installing a Sloped cover is one of the best solutions for keeping basement window wells clean, dry, and clear. At Window Well Experts, we are incredibly proud of the performance of our custom-designed Sloped cover, which is our best-selling product of all time. 

Sloped window well covers are made from “unbreakable” Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has 250 times the impact resistance of glass and 30 stronger than the other popular clear plastic, acrylic. The material is lightweight and easy to manage. In addition, the crystal clear Polycarbonate allows the maximum amount of light into the basement. Finally, the cover provides an easy exit in case of an emergency. 

This cover has up to a 2″ slope, and the sleek one-piece cover clips onto the lip of the well. The cover releases with a push-up from below or a pulling-up motion from above for routine home maintenance or emergency escape.


Product Features:

  • Safely supports 400 pounds.
  • UV treatment protects your custom-made window well cover from exposure to the sun and prevents yellowing over time.
  • With its clamshell design, it is self-cleaning—sheds water and debris away from your home.
  • Keeps snow and rain, dirt, yard debris, and animals out of your window well.
  • Made to fit your window wells, not someone else’s idea of “standard.”
  • Durability – lifetime warranty
  • Rust-free aluminum framing
  • Rust-free construction: aluminum – bracing, with stainless steel hardware supplied with every order.

With our sloped window well covers, you will get the best protection for your loved ones and your home. As our products are fitted precisely to any well shape and measurements, you can rest assured they will fit like a glove.

Our engineering team designs every cover to your well type and measurements. After placing your order, our team asks for specific sizes and photos to enter into our software to ensure a great fit!

A Made-to-Order window well cover is the best decision for any type of window well, and our covers are always code compliant.

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A well designed window well cover is the best decision not only for irregular-shaped wells but also for your egress code-compliant window wells.



The Lifetime Warranty covers cracks or splits; broken aluminum parts, hinges, or locks; broken clips that attach the cover to the well


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H. Wright, Holt, MichiganH. Wright

Wonderful! The process was quite easy, and the customer service and communication was excellent. Candi and Rick helped us quickly and made sure we were satisfied with our order. We have huge window wells and we were very happy they were able to accommodate us! Most of all, I am very happy to no longer worry about people, or animals falling into the wells. They look BEAUTIFUL, so glad we chose the super slant, and it really finished off the look of our patio.

A big thank you, keep doing what you're doing, we need more companies like you.
Super Slant window well egress cover
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A. Rostvold, Rochester, MinnesotaA. Rostvold

The egress window well cover fits perfectly. I no longer have to worry about my kids and the neighbourhood kids playing near my front porch. During a big rainfall, the well stayed completely dry. The cover is lightweight, strong, looks amazing, and made in Wisconsin, USA.
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Russell B., Ambler, PennsylvaniaRussell B.

Window Well Experts was super helpful and was able to design exactly what I was looking for with a quick turnaround!

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