Buy window well covers is 5 easy steps

order process in four steps by Window Well Experts

Window Well Covers Installation Guide

1. Measure your wells

Print the Measuring Guide PDF and carefully measure your window wells, you’ll need them for Step 2. Click HERE to download.

2. Get your estimate

Submit the Free Estimate Form with your measurements from Step 1 and your contact information. You will receive a custom quote in less than 48 hours.

3. Place your order

After getting your quote, place your order over the phone by calling 1-888-650-9355. We accept all major credit cards.

4. Install your products

Included in your shipment are detailed instructions. Depending on the size of your well, most covers can be installed in less than 45 minutes!

How To Choose The “Right” Window Well Cover?

We have many options that will help you keep your basement and window wells clean and dry, your family safe, and accommodate emergency escape in case of fire. Please see the points below that our Experts ask every customer when they call. If you need help, don’t go it alone! Give us a call.

  1. First, You Should Decide What You Want To Accomplish.
  • Do you want to avoid leaves and other debris from collecting in your window wells?
  • Do you want to protect your children and pets from falls and injuries?
  • Are you focused on letting in more natural light or safely increasing airflow in your finished basement?

2. After You Decide On Your Preferences, You’ll Better Know What Designs Accomplish Your Goals. Only Choose Well Covers Made Of Durable, Rust Proof Material.

  • Indeed, you can purchase plastic “bubbles” from your local big box or hardware stores. But be prepared to replace them regularly. Often, when a person, whether a child or adult, steps on the cheap covers, they break or get seriously damaged. Very often, these covers are made of plastics that are NOT meant for outdoor use.
  • Our covers are made from durable Polycarbonate that does not chip, break or fade over time.
  • In addition, our polycarbonate covers have UV protection.
  • Install window well covers that support the weight of children and adults for safety.
    • Our polycarbonate covers can support weights up to 400 pounds.
    • Our window well grates are suitable for high-traffic areas and also provide the needed protection. In addition, they can support up to 100 pounds per square foot
  • We’ll create a custom cover to YOUR measurements to ensure a perfect fit!
    • Accurately measure the window well openings so all new covers fit just right. View our Measuring Guide for further instructions and tips. Too small or too large window well covers do not deliver aesthetic beauty. Moreover, it can be more susceptible to accidental damage. Don’t worry, we will ask you to double-check everything before your covers are manufactured.
  • Consider if your basement windows extend above the top of the window well. If this is the case, you may need a window well extension or a bubble cover. We have solutions for you if your window comes above the lip of the well.

Basement egress window well covers. Contact our team to consult on the local regulations for Emergency Escape And Rescue Openings in your area. For more information, browse through the IRC Building codes here.

What If I Need Both Basement Well And Cover?

We can make any kit to suit your needs. Here are a few examples of common combinations:

  • Galvanized Steel well with a fire escape ladder with a sloped window well cover
  • Galvanized Steel well with a fire escape ladder with atrium cover
  • Galvanized Steel well with a fire escape ladder with aluminum grate (for low traffic areas)
  • Commercial grade grates are available for heavy traffic areas
  • Composite well with aluminum Grate or sloped Cover

If you have an existing well and need an extension, cover, or a custom solution, contact our sales team at 1-888-650-9355.

Note: All of the available products in the egress kit can be purchased separately.

How To Build Your Own Egress Kit?

  1. Pick your window well size and style. Your options are:

2. Choose the basement window style you want. Your fire escape window options:

3. Choose a fire escape ladder. Your options for egress compliance:

  • Hook-on ladder
  • Bolt-on ladder

Note: Our composite window well has steps molded into the unit. If you choose this well the fire escape ladder will not be included in the kit, as well as nor included in the bundled price.

4. Choose a cover. The most popular options are:

How Do I Order My Custom-Manufactures Window Well Cover?

  1. First, measure your window wells and send us the measurements to get a free online quote (click here).
  2. Based on your measurements, we will send you a quote for different styles of covers that will work best for your well.
  3. Before manufacturing, we need pictures of your window wells from multiple angles in order to ensure a perfect fit.
  4. Using the photos, we make a digital render of your well to input into our CNC machines, so the covers fit PERFECTLY.
  5. We will then manufacture your cover in our state-of-the-art facility in Walworth, WI.
  6. We ship your custom window well cover directly to you.
  7. Then all that’s left is installation! Most covers can be installed easily in 30 minutes or less.

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