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We create All Shapes, All Sizes, and All Styles of Covers!

Ever since we founded this company, we have been engineering window well covers of different materials, always refining and innovating our designs to improve our offerings and widen the solutions we offer to our customers. Get your personal offer, here!

Whether it is crystal clear covers made from industrial-grade polycarbonate or sturdy steel or aluminum grates, we can solve your window well cover problems. We use polycarbonate treated with a UV cap sheet to protect your covers against yellowing and weather damage. All covers are custom-built to fit any window well, no matter the well's shape, size, or style.

We design window well covers to fit metal, composite, wood, concrete, plastic, and stone window wells! We take the guesswork out of Custom Covers – it's that easy. We handle the Math, you enjoy the Benefits!

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We have created extra-large window well covers, including oversized polycarbonate covers for industrial buildings as well as extra small window well covers for tiny vent wells that are needed by some of our residential customers.
No matter the size. No matter what your well is made of or where in the USA or Canada you are situated – we can design a basement window well cover to fit like a glove. Get your personal offer here!
Stylish and ever practical, our dome-style covers can transform even the dingiest well into a stylish accent. Super-Slant window well covers have mesh sides to give your basement the “best-of-both-worlds” protection, a canopy that sheds snow and rain, and mesh sides for ventilation. 
The same type of options is available in our Atrium Dome as well – unbreakable polycarbonate top and optional rust-free mesh sides for non-stop basement ventilation. Call us at 1-800-650-9355 for a free consultation.
Metal window well grates are beautiful and practical. They ensure non-stop ventilation for your basement and allow up to 70% of available light through your windows. Depending on the individual circumstances, Window Well Experts can offer complete egress cover solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. We use steel or aluminum to make our grates. Both types of metal can be powder coated in our standard colors of black and gray, and custom colors are available.
How do you decide which material is the best for your situation? We suggest for smaller semicircular or rectangular wells, we make the grates of powder-coated steel, as the weight of steel keeps the grate in place. For regular residential use for larger wells, we recommend aluminum. The lightweight aluminum is egress compliant for most wells, but an escape hatch is an option that will make emergency egress easier in any grate. These covers will support 40 pounds per square foot and slightly flex when stepped on. Furthermore, aluminum is a rust-free material–little or no maintenance! If your grate is in a high-traffic area, you may need a commercial mesh grate or a bar grate that will support up to 100 pounds per square foot. The bar grating will not flex when a person steps on it. Our grates are easy to install and maintain. Most grates you take out of the box and set in place!
Looking for durable well covers? All of the covers on are custom-designed to fit your window well perfectly, no matter the shape, size, or style. Our window well covers come in various types, including clear polycarbonate covers and aluminum grates.
We’ve helped our clients solve their unique window well problems that traditional covers could not, including keeping debris and animals out, flooding, basement accessibility, and safety. We make it simple: Custom Covers without the complexity. 

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Product Features

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Easy Installation

Most covers take less than 30 minutes to install (depending on size).

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Crystal-Clear Polycarbonate With UV Protection

The plastic covers will not crack, fade, or darken!

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Lifetime Warranty on Selected Covers

Window Well Experts’ Sloped, Flat, and Bubble style window well covers come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Made In The USA

We Ship Anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Virtually Unbreakable Design!

Sloped, Flat, Grates, and Super Slant covers support up to 400 pounds

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Custom Manufactured

Custom manufactured to your window well measurements to ensure a perfect fit.


1. First, You Should Decide What You Want To Accomplish.

  • Do you want to avoid leaves and other debris from collecting in your window wells?
  • Do you want to protect your children and pets from falls and injuries?
  • Are you focused on letting in more natural light or safely increasing airflow in your finished basement?

2. After You Decide On Your Preferences, You’ll Better Know What Designs Accomplish Your Goals. Only Choose Well Covers Made Of Durable, Rustproof Material.

  • Indeed, you can purchase plastic “bubbles” from your local big box or hardware stores. But be prepared to replace them regularly. Often, when a person, whether child or adult, steps on the cheap covers, they break or get seriously damaged. 
  • Our durable Polycarbonate covers do not chip, break, or fade over time.
  • In addition, our polycarbonate covers have UV protection.
  • Install covers that support the weight of children and adults for safety.
    • Our polycarbonate covers can support weights up to 400 pounds.
    • Our window well grates are suitable for high-traffic areas and provide the needed protection. In addition, they can support up to 100 pounds per square foot
  • We’ll create a custom cover to YOUR measurements to ensure a perfect fit!
    • Accurately measure the window well openings, so all new covers fit just right. View our Measuring Guide for further instructions and tips. Too small or too large window covers do not deliver aesthetic beauty. Moreover, it can be more susceptible to accidental damage.
  • Consider if your basement windows extend above the top of the window well. If this is the case, you may need a window well extension or a bubble cover.

Basement egress window well covers. Contact our team to consult on the local Emergency Escape And Rescue Openings regulations in your area. For more information, browse through the IRC Building codes here.

Here’s a Quick video on how to install Sloped & Flat Window Well Covers from

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By Sending Us Your Window Well’s Measurements

Have Questions Or Need Help Measuring Your Wells? No Worries! Our Experts Are Available To Take Your Call

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C. McCollum, Manhattan, KansasCari McCollum

Great experience! The window well covers fit perfectly on our oddly shaped, oversized window wells.
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D. Kleine, Lee’s Summit, MissouriDavid Kleine

Experience was good, plan on using again for a bigger project.

E. KatzElana Katz

These are a perfect fit. I’m so delighted with the way they look and fit!

J. Stabler, Wyoming, IllinoisJohn Stabler

Well covers fit perfectly.
There was a young raccoon living in this well when I went to clean out the leaves in it.
He lost his winter home!

S. Johnson, Tempe, ArizonaScott Johnson

Excellent customer service and follow-up. Covers fit exceptionally well and easy to install.

J. Daniszewski, Reading, PennsylvaniaJ. Daniszewski

It was great.. instructions were clear and item arrived a week early in perfect condition.. easy to install even though someone did it for me.. highly recommend.

N. Conway, Muskego, WisconsinNeil Conway

It was fantastic! Great follow up!

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