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Flat window well cover

The Benefits of Window Well Covers

Window Well Cover Basics For Your Home Dear homeowner, We cannot stress enough that this article covers all basics of picking a window well cover. In addition, we answered some of the most common questions and the benefits of each concerning the need for window well covers. Benefits of window well covers Safety: A cover…

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Best Way to Deep Clean Window Tracks

Is the pleasant weather around the corner, and you have thought of opening the windows of your living room that have been closed for a long time, and you have no idea mold has made their house on the tracks? You decided to open the windows to breathe in some fresh air but wait, the…

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What to do when basement wells are filled with snow?

With over 40 years of experience, we at Window Well Experts are well acquainted with the woes of every homeowner who has neglected the window well cover business for another year.  The most common problems with cleaning the window wells during winter are: What to do if you basement well is already filled with snow?…

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Window Wells: The 2021 Creepy Edition

Imagine walking out at night and meeting one of the window wells or covers we will show you in a second. Broken bones will be your slightest worry. In a burst of pre-Halloween inspiration, our sales team participated in creating the 2021 list of the scariest window well sites they’ve seen. Oh, have they seen…

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AT-SL hybrid with white PC

New type of HYBRID window well cover

We at Window Well Experts often take pride in our inventions and innovative solutions, fulfilling our clients’ needs. The following project involves a hybrid combination of an atrium dome and sloped covers. This fantastic combination is one of our most elegant custom solutions. If you are out of the basement window well cover ideas, this…

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Plastic Window Well Covers vs. Metal Window Well Covers

If you are looking for detailed information on the pros and cons of metal vs plastic window well covers, read this carefully. The wild and woolly world of window wells and everything that belongs to it (covers, ladders, egress, non-egress, regulations, and etc.) is both fascinating and annoying. On the one hand, you need them,…

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small house plant

House Plants That Help You Sleep Better

Your bedroom needs to be a place to relax and wind down at night. Many factors go into this, such as a comfortable bed, calming colors, a relaxing smell, and curtains that don’t let much light in. But have you ever thought about decorating with plants for a better night’s sleep? Maybe you have never…

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5 Ways to Make Your Basement Feel Bigger

Unfortunately, some basements aren’t that large, and there’s not much you can do about it. You can, however, do simple things to make your basement seem more significant! There are always tips and tricks around making any room look bigger than it actually is. People dream about having large basements you can entertain in, and…

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Kitchen Safety Rules

Kitchens are a warm place where people love to gather. This is where family home cooked meals are made and coffee is brewed. It’s a safe place where tummies get filled. Unfortunately, every space has its dangers. Especially the kitchen. How many time have you accidentally cut yourself with a knife, burnt yourself with boiling…

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Best Colors to Paint Your Basement

Typical basements don’t get much light. They are dark rooms with barely any windows if any at all. They usually have a low ceiling, making a room look even smaller than it truly is. A deck might hang over the only basement window you have, which hinders you from getting any natural light. Does this…

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