Awesome Ideas for a Kids Play Room

Kids play room

To keep the rest of your house sparkly clean, having a kids play room is a great idea! This keeps most of the mess in this one room instead of having toys all over the house.

Making a special place for your kids will make them feel appreciated. With these ideas, the room will be so cool for them that they might never want to leave!

This also gives you an amazing space to bond as a family.

Bring their friends over to enjoy this space too. Make your home the place to be with these awesome kids play room ideas!

Chalk Board Wall

kids room

Who doesn’t love writing on a chalk board. Why not make an entire chalk board wall! Teach children to only draw on this wall. This keeps them from making a mess on the other walls, well sometimes!

This is a creative way to let children express their creativity in a big way. This is such an awesome idea because it is so easy too!

All you need is chalk board paint, a brush, and some chalk. To keep from ruining your carpet, place a rug along the wall where the chalk board is painted.

Hanging Wall Drawing Paper

To give them another area of the wall to draw on, you can get a drawing paper scroll to hang on the wall. This gives the child more space on the wall to draw and be creative.

Yellow Brick Home shows you step by step instructions on how to build a paper roll yourself!

This Kraft paper roll also has a shelve on the top, so it doubles as a little bit of storage too! Store the pencils, crayons, paint, and markets on top of the shelve to keep them away from the kids when no one is playing with them.

Reading Nook

kids play room

Reading is incredibly important in a child’s life. Inspire their reading habits by building them their own little reading nook. They will love to have a comfortable space of their own.

Start a little reading nook off by having a book shelf or wall mounted shelving to put tons of books on. If the books are there, they will most likely read them!

Next, build a comfortable place for them to sit. This can be a comfortable chair, bean bag chair, a little bench, a buildup of pillows, or anything else you can create!

DIY Ball Pit

This is actually a lot simpler than it sounds! The first step in building this ball pit is to purchase a blow-up pool and inflate it in the kids play room.

Once the little kiddie pool is up, place a bunch of plastic balls inside. There you go! You have yourself a mini DIY ball pit your children won’t be able to get enough of!

Time for Some Fun

This is a time in your child’s life where you want to cherish every single moment. Build a play room where you can bond, learn, and have so much fun together. The memories made in this room will last a life time!

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