Fire Prevention Safety Tips for Your Home

fire safety tips

Discussion about fire safety doesn’t happen as often as it should. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) states that the U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated 358,300 home structure fires per year between 2010-2014.

That is a shocking number that can lower by taking safety precautions around your home. Lessen the chances of having a fire in your home by implementing the fire safety tips in this article! Be sure to share these tips with your family and loved ones too!

Remove Hazards

laptop, burning candle and a phone

You might have some hazards around your house that you don’t know about. But that’s okay because I’m here to tell you how to remove those hazards in your home today!

  • If you light candles, do not leave them unattended.
  • Overloading outlets can result in fires. Make sure you don’t do this.
  • Unclutter your kitchen, keep flammable items away from the stove.
  • Hire a professional to clean your dyer cabinet every couple of years. Taking the lint out yourself isn’t enough.
  • Watch where you run extension cords. Keep them behind rugs or curtains.
  • Don’t let trash and flammable items build up in the attic, basements, or garage.
  • Are you a handy person with lots of sawdust in your workspace? Make sure to clean the sawdust with a vacuum regularly.
  • Do you know when your plugs don’t fit as tight as they used to? This can be extremely dangerous. Replace the outlets where plugs aren’t fitting well.
  • Don’t keep space heaters near anything that can burn.
  • If you smoke, smoke outside and not in your home.

Fire Prevention

To prevent fires from ruining your home, make sure smoke detectors are installed and working properly. Replace the batteries at least once a year and test them about once a month. Educate your children about what it means when a smoke detector goes off and what to do when it happens.

Make an Escape Plan

Making a fire escape plan with your family in your home is crucial for everyone’s safety. There should be two escape routes to get out of your home. There should also be a specific spot outside the house that your family meets after exiting to ensure that everyone is there and unharmed.

The American Red Cross has a great Home Fire Escape Plan you can print out to draw the floor plan of your home and discuss ways to get out safely.

Act as if there is a fire in your home and practice these two ways to get out. Then, in case a fire does happen in your home, your family will know the drill!

What to do During a Fire

burning fire

Educate yourself before the fire happens. Read these tips below to make sure you stay as safe as possible during a house fire.

  • Leave personal items behind. You are more important than material items.
  • Crawl under the smoke to protect yourself and your lungs.
  • If you see smoke coming out from under a door, keep that door shut. Instead, use another door to get out.
  • The second you hear a smoke detector go off, get out of the house fast.
  • If your clothing catches on fire, stop, drop, and roll.
  • If anyone is stuck in the house, call 9-1-1 or the fire department. Tell them exactly where that person is located.

Keep You and Your Family Safe

Prevent a fire from happening in your home. Go around your house and look for areas where you can prevent a fire. Show this article to your family as well, so you are already if a fire does happen. Keep you, your family, and your home safe!

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