VS The Big Box Stores

Window Well Experts VS the big box stores

We went to one of the big box hardware stores the other day to check out their window well cover selection, when we got there, it was even worse than we imagined.

After having to ask two associates to even find where they were, there were two clear Acrylic bubble covers in the exact same size, one was a “heavy duty” version and one was their standard version. Both were made out of semi-clear Acrylic with a slight blue tint to it.

What was even worse than the selection was the fact that the majority of them were actually already chipped/cracked around the edges and had scuffs on the plastic from shipping… these things were already torn up!! If they break even before you put them in your shopping cart… just image how well they’ll hold up covering your well! Do you have hail in your area? Heavy snow? Good luck with these covers!

At we custom manufacture each window well to fit YOUR well perfectly out of high-quality Polycarbonate that looks and feels like glass, but is extremely durable and cold/heat resistant. Polycarbonate is so strong, in fact, it can withstand a sledgehammer being dropped on it where as Acrylic plastic will shatter into many pieces.

Here’s a chart to compare the big box store covers with our 100% custom Polycarbonate window well covers:


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