In-Swing Basement Egress Window

  • Meets Uniform Building Code For Egress
  • One-Handed Operation For Quick Emergency Exits
  • Vinyl construction
  • Available In 8” Wall Thickness
  • 3/4″ Insulated Low-E Glass For Added Thermal Efficiency
  • Sash Is Double-Weather-Stripped To Protect From Outside Weather Infiltration

An in-swing egress window is designed to provide an emergency escape or rescue opening. Those are especially required if the basement is used for living space – bedroom, office, playroom, etc.

Product Features

In-swing egress windows serve as crucial components in basements’ safety and functionality, meeting the rigorous standards set forth by the Uniform Building Code for egress. 

Their design eliminates the possibility of covering the window in the well, ensuring compliance with local code requirements while maintaining accessibility and safety. With a minimum size requirement of 36″ width x 36″ projection, these windows offer ample space for emergency evacuation, providing peace of mind to homeowners and occupants alike.

One notable feature of in-swing egress windows is the option for a 9 square foot evacuation well, which proves invaluable in situations where space for installation is limited. By meeting the codеs requirement of a minimum of 9 square feet of clear area plus a 36″ projection from the foundation wall, these windows offer flexibility and adaptability to various basement layouts and configurations.

Available in a sturdy 8” wall thickness, in-swing egress windows are designed for durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. The welded wing and powder-coated handles enhance ease of handling, making operation effortless for users of all ages.

In terms of dimensions, standard sizes such as 33″ x 36″ and 27″ x 45″ are available to comply with IRC regulations, offering convenience and compliance for homeowners. Additionally, the fully recessed installation with temporary wooden struts and fully plastic-wrapped frames ensures a seamless integration into any basement environment.

From an energy-saving perspective, in-swing egress windows are equipped with 3/4″ insulated Low-E glass, enhancing thermal efficiency and contributing to lower energy costs. The double-skinned sash provides protection against external weather penetration, further enhancing the comfort and insulation of basement living spaces.

In-swing egress windows are essential elements for basement safety, offering compliance with building codes, ease of handling, and energy-saving features. Homeowners seeking to enhance the safety and functionality of their basement areas can trust in the reliability and performance of in-swing egress windows.

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