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Claim Your Additional Discount!

Say Yes to our Winter Sale Promotion!

Now’s the time to turn your back on cheap, brittle plastic covers and get a quality item. Our covers are of the highest quality, and this is what we guarantee:

  • Polycarbonate covers that won’t chip, break or fade
  • Enhanced material that supports up to 400 pounds
  • UV-treated surface that will not yellow or fade
  • Rust-free aluminum support structure
  • Plastic withstands temperatures up to -40° Fahrenheit
  • Stylish design, tailored to your window wells
  • Vent option for better airflow
snow covered basement well

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IMPORTANT: The offer is valid only for window well covers. Our regular pricing is valid for only 90 days from the date of the quote. If your initial quote is older than 90 days, the discount will be applied to our current sale pricing.

Window wells, accessories and other inventory are not included. The offer does not apply to contractor orders.

* The offer is valid from Jan 3, 2023, until Jan 10, 2023, or while supplies last. Please refer to the promotional terms and conditions for more information.


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