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The Different Types of Window Well Covers


The Different Types of Window Well Covers

Several factors go into choosing a window well cover. In addition to practical concerns, like fitting your window well and the window you’re protecting, different well shapes and materials have different strengths in terms of durability, protection from the elements, and ease of cleaning. No matter what kind of window well cover you choose, you’ll want to avoid low-quality covers that are prone to damage, leaks, discoloration and rust. To do this, pick the high-quality covers manufactured and sold by Window Well Experts… and if you’re not sure which one you want, we’ll be glad to give you some professional advice.

Sloped and Bubble-Shaped Window Well Covers

These two shapes are popular among homeowners, and they share a lot of good qualities. Bubble window well covers feature a rounded dome shape, while sloped covers are flatter and usually lower to the ground, but they both prevent water damage by shedding water, snow and ice away from your house and window well. Both sloped and bubble window well covers are very easy to clean, often requiring nothing more than a quick spray with a hose. Like all of our clear window well covers, Window Well Experts’ sloped and bubble covers are made to order from durable Lexan (TM) polycarbonate, so they’ll fit your window well perfectly.

Atrium and Slant Dome Covers

Dome window well covers are designed to sit well above the level of the ground, making them ideal for windows and vents that do the same, and particularly for casement-style windows that crank outward from the building. Even if your basement window is completely below ground level, though, there’s a lot to like about a dome-shaped cover, including its picturesque appearance from the outside. Constructed of sturdy Lexan (TM) polycarbonate, these covers (and all our other covers) can hold more than 400 pounds of weight, making them almost unbreakable in case of impacts or even falls. They’re UV-treated, too, so it’ll be well over a decade before they fade or discolor.

Flat Window Well Covers

Of all the different types of window well covers, a flat cover is the most self-explanatory. Lying flat upon the ground, this cover is an unobtrusive way of keeping water, dirt, debris and animals out of your window well and out of your basement. While a flat cover doesn’t shed water away from your house, it shares the qualities of our other window wells: it’s durable, easy to clean, made to order to fit your window well perfectly, and lets plenty of natural light into your basement.

Window Well Grates

Our sturdy, lightweight aluminum grates are a little different from the polycarbonate covers we sell. They’re not a good choice for keeping water or some kinds of debris out of your window well, and because they’re opaque, they block about a quarter of the natural light from reaching your basement. If those issues aren’t a concern, though, our rustproof grates have their own advantages that may make them an excellent choice. A grate is a good option if you’re expecting frequent foot traffic in the area of the window well, or if you need airflow into your basement. Large grates can also be fixed with hatches, which can make egress easier than removing the entire well cover.

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