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Lifetime Warranty on select Window Well Covers

Window Well Experts’ Sloped, Flat, and Bubble style covers come with a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. The Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable, without consent of Window Well Experts.  Your Lifetime Warranty will replace a defective window well cover free of charge. Proof of purchase is required and replacement is the sole remedy to the purchaser under this warranty and in no event shall Window Well Experts be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses, or expenses.

Our Lifetime Warranty protects your cover from:

  • Broken aluminum parts, hinges, or locks
  • Cracks or splits in the Polycarbonate cover
  • Broken clips that attach the cover to the well

Our Warranty does not protect you against damage caused by alteration, improper installation, improper maintenance, abuse, misuse, or intentional damage.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Sloped, Flat, Bubble covers
  • 7 Year Warranty: Custom Aluminum Grates, Atrium Dome Covers and Super Slant Covers

If you have any questions regarding our warranty or would like to start a claim, please call 1-888-650-9355.

Return Policy

Due to the custom nature of our window wells and covers, being “made to order” requiring advance confirmation of window well sizing, pictures, and engineering to make products that only fit your application, all covers and products on are non-refundable.

Almost none of our Products are Stock Products and almost All are made to order. There are no returns on products unless the product arrives with significant defects or does not fit due to incorrect manufacturing to size, in which case we will work with you to correct the problem. Customer-provided measurements that are incorrect do not constitute a free correction.

We will always try to work with you to provide solutions. Sometimes these solutions might require you to pay the return shipping charges so we can correct or re-machine the products you purchased if possible. If you have questions about our return policy, please call 1-888-650-9355.

Window Well Experts Cancellation Policy

Please be aware 90% of the Window Well Covers, Wells, Windows, Ladders, etc. that we manufacture are NON-STOCK items, are MADE TO ORDER, and/or CUSTOM MADE. In turn, these are our cancellation policies:

  1. If your custom product has already been manufactured…NO CANCELLATION ALLOWED
  2. If your custom product has completed the design phase in engineering and you decide to cancel… Since 25% of the cost is processing data and engineering there is a 25% cancellation fee, you will be refunded 75% of the sum you have paid.
  3. If you decide to cancel before any processing of size reverification, processing of data, or engineering has been done…you will receive full credit.