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Since 1975, Window Well Experts has been manufacturing and selling window well covers near Chicago. Our well covers are made of clear Lexan (TM) polycarbonate, one of the toughest resins around. Polycarbonate is used in eyeglasses, race car windshields and bulletproof glass applications because of its outstanding resistance to impact, heat and cold, and when you buy a Window Well Experts window cover, it will protect your window and your house for years to come. Of course, the highest quality in the world won’t stop leaks if your well cover isn’t fitted correctly, and that’s another area where we excel. With dozens of sizes and shapes for sale, plus custom orders to perfectly fit your window wells, we’ve got the well cover that your basement windows need. All our wells come with the instructions and hardware to make installation a breeze, or you can call on our skilled technicians to do the job. Phone or email us for a free estimate, and we’ll do everything we can to get you the best window well covers for your home.

Atrium Dome Clear Window Well Covers near Chicago

If you’ve got a casement window that cranks out from your wall, or a window that extends above ground level, an atrium window well cover may be ideal for your needs. Horizontal at the top with a sloped front down to vertical sides, many people consider this the most attractive window cover we sell. We make these atrium dome clear window well covers near Chicago, custom fitting your house and window well perfectly to keep out water, dirt and pests. Like all of Window Well Experts’ covers, these domed covers are made of almost unbreakable polycarbonate, able to withstand 400 pounds of pressure, and UV treated to prevent discoloration or fading for years to come. These are the safest, highest-quality clear window well covers you can buy. We can even make covers with aluminum mesh sides to allow ventilation.

Window Well Grates near Chicago

If you need a window well cover with fresh air ventilation, you may be in the market for window well grates near Chicago. A sturdy, flat metal grate has several advantages over clear window wells. Like our Lexan (TM) polycarbonate covers, these aluminum grates can bear weights over 400 pounds. Because they’re made of aluminum, rust isn’t an issue, and the grates are light enough that virtually anyone can remove them in the event of an emergency, making them an excellent choice for egress windows. If you want to combine the airflow and safety of a grate with the waterproofing of a solid window cover, we offer deluxe systems that combine a grate with a hinged polycarbonate cover that can be opened and propped up. No matter what kind of grate you need, we’ll make it to order, so you can be assured of a perfect fit.

Bubble Window Well Covers near Chicago

The most popular style of window well cover out there, bubble window well covers have many great qualities. Because of their rounded shape, they don’t tend to collect water, snow or dirt, and they’re very easy to clean. With no visible seams, they allow plenty of bright light to enter your basement. Like all Window Well Experts’ polycarbonate covers, they’re UV treated to prevent discoloration, fading and cracking for well over a decade. They’re ultra-durable, so you won’t need to worry about damage from projectiles, lawn care equipment, or even the weight of a falling person. If you’re looking for bubble window well covers near Chicago, you owe it to yourself to check out the many sizes and shapes offered by Window Well Experts.

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