Window Wells in Ohio

Window Wells in Ohio

If you’re looking to protect your house from flooding, ice, vermin, and other sources of property damage, one thing you can’t overlook is a sturdy, high-quality window well. A reliable, securely covered window well, like the ones we manufacture and sell at Window Well Experts, can prevent the need for thousands of dollars in repairs, beautify your home’s basement and landscape, protect your family and pets from personal injury, and even guard against crime. With more than 40 years of experience, making and selling window wells, our knowledge, selection, and workmanship will help you make sure your home is safe. We respond to phone and email inquiries seven days a week, so if you need window wells in Ohio, just let us know, and we’ll get to work on providing you with advice and a free estimate.

Composite Plastic Window Wells in Ohio

One of the most popular options offered by Window Well Experts, our deluxe plastic composite window wells in Ohio, is perfect for your egress window. These are no flimsy wells — able to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure, and they’re as resistant to cracks, warping, and water damage as our galvanized steel wells. These wells, which come in two widths and various heights to fit most standard windows, feature an attractive stacked stone look in one of two colors, combined with the leak-proof single-piece construction you can’t get with stone. They’ve even got built-in steps, making them the ideal option for an emergency exit.

Egress Window Wells in Ohio

There’s a very good reason that most local building codes require egress window wells in Ohio and states across the country: these wells are an invaluable tool for ensuring you and your family’s safety. If you intend to use your basement as a bedroom, check with your local building inspector, because there’s a good chance the law requires an egress well in case of fire or other emergencies. Even if your basement is unfurnished, an egress well may be a smart choice. At Window Well Experts, we construct galvanized steel and composite egress wells that comply with various building codes across North America, and we can fit them with ladders, quick-release locks for your well covers, and more features to make sure your egress well does its job.

Galvanized Steel Window Wells in Ohio

The most popular material for window wells in America, galvanized steel has a variety of advantages that make it a recommended choice for almost every home. Made of heavy-gauge steel coated with zinc to prevent water damage, and our galvanized wells won’t warp, rust, or detach from your walls if installed properly. Unlike stone, concrete, and lumber-based wells, these wells have no seams and can’t crack, making leaks virtually impossible. Window Well Experts sells dozens of sizes and shapes of galvanized steel window wells in Ohio, and the window well covers to match. We can even make irregular sizes to order. Just give us a call or email us the measurements of your windows, and we’ll come up with a cost-effective solution for your home.

Other Window Wells in Ohio

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