Window Well Cover and Metal Grate Questions:

Q. Do you have the right size window well cover to fit my basement window well and/or egress window well?

A. WindowWellExperts.com has over 75 stock special sized tools and molds currently for window well covers that fit the most common sizes.  If your wells do not fall into those size ranges we can make to order ANY SIZE Clear  “Unbreakable” Plastic window well cover or metal grate window well cover.

Q. Are your window well covers safe for children, pets, and adults if they were to stand or fall on them?

A. WindowWellExperts.com manufactures all Clear Plastic window well covers from  “Unbreakable”  type plastic known as Polycarbonate, also sometimes referred to as Lexan.  These  “Unbreakable” basement covers support up to 400 lbs.  Our metal grate window well covers also support up to 400 lbs.

Q. How long will the window well covers last?

A. WindowWellExperts.com manufactures our  “Unbreakable” clear plastic window well covers using special U.V. Formula to protect the covers for up to 15 years in direct sunlight against yellowing, fading, or becoming brittle.  The metal grate window well covers are manufactured in aluminum to be lightweight and rust-free for a lifetime.

Q. How are the covers removable and if I want, can I get some type of locking system for security and burglar resistance?

A. WindowWellExperts.com offer several options for locking, hinging, and/or propping open the window well cover.  All of our window well covers are easily removable.  From snap-on/snap-off clips (our most common option) to burglar resistant locks with quick release pin removable from inside to more deluxe systems with hinges and prop open devices. All are available options.

Q. Do you service, sell, and deliver window well covers to My Area, USA?

A. WindowWellExperts.com has factory warehouses and representatives servicing all of the United States and can deliver anywhere in North America.

Q. How do I measure my window wells to order the right size cover?

A. Click the green button on the right for printable measuring instructions.

Q. Will the basement window well covers block the light into my basement?

A. WindowWellExperts.com use CLEAR SEE-THROUGH plastic that allows in the same amount of light as a clear window.  With metal grate window well covers, the grid pattern of the grate does diffuse light with about a 20% reduction of light transmission.

Window Well Decorative Liner Questions:

Q. What sizes do decorative window well liners come in?

A. WindowWellExperts.com can provide up to 60″x 100″ or 60″ x 120″ in most varieties.

Q. How do I measure my window well to get the right liner size?

A. Click here for printable measuring instructions.

Egress Ladder Questions

Q. What sizes do decorative window well liners come in?

A. WindowWellExperts.com can provide up to 60″x 100″ or 60″ x 120″ in most varieties.

Q. Do you have different sizes?

A. We have ladders for all type window wells up to eleven feet deep, and we can make ladders for deeper wells upon request.