Take a look at some of our testimonials from Window Well Expert customers everywhere!

They just came in and are fantastic. Below are photos of one of mine installed and one of me (6’0 and 235lb) standing on it. Fantastic product, very impressed. ~Craig C. 2/4/2016

Aluminum Mesh Grate with Grey Powder Coat

Customer photo of their Aluminum Mesh Grate with Grey Powder Coat

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our window well covers. They fit so well and look just as nice as expected. I appreciate the efforts that your company goes to, to verify the dimensions and ensure a correct product prior to fabrication. The time was well spent to receive such a quality product.

Thanks again,

~David S. 9/13/15

I am so pleased with that one window cover that I will be measuring the other three in order to place an order. It is so neat and clean and well made– I’m impressed!

What a difference from those cheap plastic ones that break, split, chip and crack…. I purchased new ones at least three times!

It just took me a “procrastination period” before I actually told myself (old lady, you get out there and do it!!!). It is beautiful.

Thanks so much!

~Jackie B. Holland, PA 9/11/15

I did some research on the internet for our new basement window well and realized that a Home Depot cover was not going to be sufficient for our window size. The winters on Long Island have become long with many inches sometimes many feet of snow that stay for long periods of time. Reading all the testimonials as well as the rave reviews on the good customer service from Window Well Experts we decided to go with them.

From my first phone call I knew this was the company to go with. Kathy Faltinson and her team of experts answered my questions in a timely manner.
I highly recommend Window Well Experts for a high quality window well cover.

~Donna Long Island N.Y. 8/25/15

I installed window covers yesterday. everything went as planned. thank you for your help and your tech. people for their excellent work. have a great day

~Harold P. 8/11/2015

“There was a heavy rainfall in Edmonton on July 15th, 2012. My property (backyard) and my neighbors’ properties got various water damages on that day. Luckily the water did not come into my finished basement. Another reason motivated me to look for window well covers for my two window wells is I was very tired of having mice, frogs and unknown small creatures jumped inside of my window wells. Whenever any of those small creatures died inside of my window well in the past, I had to trouble my neighbor to clean the mess for me. In late July 2012, I checked window well cover options from my local Home Depot and Rona stores but unfortunately none of their window well covers meet my requirement. I prefer the ideal window well cover can be removed by pushing from inside of my window well easily for safety consideration. In addition, it has to be heavy enough to remain the top of my window well in any strong wind conditions.

I researched the Internet and found Window Well Experts. I contacted the company and one of their staff Ms. Kathy Faltinson provided me all necessary information about different options of window well covers. After oneweek, I decided to place my purchase order to Window Well Experts. That is how I got my two custom-made window well covers from Wisconsin, USA. When I received my two window well covers from FedEx in late August 2012, . metal part (screw) of one window well cover was damaged during shipping. After I reported to Window Well Experts, Ms. Kathy Faltinson worked hard and tried her best effort to discuss with their engineering design group. Later they sent me the new parts quickly by express mail, so that I could resolve the problem and replace the damage area by myself. I am very pleased with Window Well Experts services and quality. The impression I have about Window Well Experts through my personal experience is they are a very customer-focused company. Some of my friends in Edmonton wonder where I bought my window well covers when they visited my backyard in October 2012. I highly recommend them to contact Window Well Experts directly if they want to get a quality window well cover for their properties.”

~Janet from Alberta, 2/23/13

“We had four window wells on our house and we wanted one converted to a large, easy to escape out, egress well. All four wells had leakage and flooding.

Window Well Experts replaced three of the small wells, sealed them to the house, and raised the dirt grade to alleviate any future flooding. The installed a large egress window that is very easy to climb our of and a white egress well which brought tons of light into our basement. Our basement is finished and we were concerned about the concrete cutting and wall cut out being a big mess. We were both pleasantly surprised and impressed at the near perfect wall cut and almost NO clean up. They did an excellent job both inside and out and we would highly recommend Window Well Experts for doing an excellent job with our window wells.”

~Caroline from Illinois 9/13/2013


“I would definitely recommend your product, as I searched everywhere and currently you were the only place I was able to get a detailed custom fit and installation was easy as well from your companies instructions. Shipping was fast as well. I would definitely recommend your products.”

~Wayne from Alberta,3/6/13

“Yes we were happy with the window wells we ordered. They fit well.”

~Beata B. from Alberta, 3/16/13

“We love our cover and it has lasted well through all of Calgary’s crazy weather.”

~Ray & Victoria from Alberta

“Thank you very much the atrium domes are perfect. Here in the NE we have been battered by lots of rain and snow, and I have not had a problem with the covers.”

~Irma V. from Conneticut,2/17/13

“Just installed our cover this morning. Fits great, works well, and looks good. Looks good from inside the basement, too, lots of light coming in.”

~Jason S. from Idaho, 2/2/13 –

“Chris called—loves his covers! (two flat med egress) great fit, look fabulous, and very easy to install!”

~ Chris W. from Illinois, 4/26/12

“That new cover you manufactured for our unique window situation is excellent. With my casement/crank-out windows I wasn’t sure how in the world we would find a cover to keep the snow out and still be able for my son to use the emergency egress window. It really looks good, too. Thank you so much.”

~Margie G. from Illinois, 1/7/12

“We had purchased some stock store bought covers that were translucent. They let some light in, but I lost my clear view of the outside that I regained with your clear Sloped covers. I really love these new covers, since I can see out my window again and the rain and snow will drain off of them instead of standing water and dirt with the store bought covers.”

~Paul K. from Illinois, 2012

“Wow, my new covers are fantastic. They are clear to let the light in and my wife can look out and they will keep out the debris, rain snow and rodents. Please feel free to use me as a recommendation source.”

~Greg J. from Illinois, 2012

“My custom well cover was expertly built and delivered promptly to my daughter’s home in Iowa. The installation was easy and it fit perfectly. Thank you for providing us with such a quality product, along with quality service.”

~Mike T. from Illinois, 12/12/11

“I love my new window, and cover! The work they did was excellent. The guys from Window Well Experts did a perfect job!”

~Laura R. from Illinois, 1/20/10

“Just wanted to send an e-mail to thank you and your fabricator for a job well done on a great fitting and looking well cover.”

~Al C. from Illinois, 11/14/09

“Really like our covers! All my neighbors had broken covers this winter, my survived with flying colors!”

~Maureen B. from Illinois, 5/15/10

“My written recommendation is that the window well covers were a high quality product which were very easy to put together. The customer service was also great.”

~Danny H. from Manitoba, 3/7/13

“I want to confirm that I am very happy with the product you supplied, they fitted perfectly, are sturdy and are precisely what I wanted.”

~John C. from Manitoba, 3/6/13

“Received your covers just late in the year but was able to install (4 covers) in about 2 hours. Very effective as in keeping our Canadian snow out of the deep window wells, admits lots of light and have had no difficulties with them The package arrived in tact, no damage and all hardware and parts included.”

~Paul Z. from Manitoba

“We installed the atrium in late October of 2010. The process of ordering and delivery was easy. We measured precisely and the atrium fit perfectly. It is installed in Winnipeg on the west side of the house. I realize it has been only a couple of years so I can’t say if it will last the 20 years, but so far it is great. I have seen cheap plastic ones that are broken within a few years. This atrium is really worth the money in our opinion.”

~Fred F. from Manitoba

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for a great product.”

~William R. from Maryland, 3/1/13

“Here are pictures of my new covers. I am so happy with them. Also a picture of my daughter catching a snake that was trying his best to get into the window well and couldn’t. It was truly a good experience working with your company.”

~Betty W. from Maryland, 8/15/12

“We love the new covers. They fit perfect, keep the kids safe. Rain snow and animals stay out. They are great!”

~Michael H. from Minnesota,9/7/11

“Hello Joe-Well I finally found the time to send pictures of my installed covers and I am very pleased with how they turned out. Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding. They were a breeze to install. We haven’t got the clips on them that attach them to the brick, but the fit is so ‘right on’ that they aren’t going to move. Considering, the correspondence we went thru for measurements, You out did yourself and I feel the price was comparable.”

Edna K. from Minnesota,10/12/12

“Just completed installing our cover sand just love them. Compared side by side with our neighbor’s covers ours look much better and stronger. Your design is better than other covers seen in person, and on the internet.”

~Lorin B. from Nebraska, 3/16/10

“Just got my covers installed today. They look wonderful–great fit! Please see the attached photos of the new window well covers. I just love them. Thank you!!!”

~Connie M. from New York, 11/25/11

“I am so glad I found you guys. I have lived in my house 40 years and have replaced the covers many dozens of times. Finally quality covers that last!”

~John M. from New York, 6/28/12

“Love the cover very much–excellent!”

~Nick G. from New York, 3/11/10

“I’ve never been so happy buying something on line. It fit like a glove! Kudos to you guys! I never expected it to fit so good and look as clean as it does. I really appreciate it when you find people that take pride in their products. Thank you.”

~Jason E. from North Dakota, 7/27/12

“Letting you know that we love our window well covers. They are on and are wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work getting us set up.”

~Linda G. from Ohio, 5/1/10

The window well I purchased from you about 2 years ago was completely satisfactory and remains installed.”

~Ontario Ronald 3/7/13

“After much research of window well covers I decided most were too flimsy and unlikely to stand up to the rigors of a Canadian winter. I decided that WindowWellExperts offered the best value and I have not been disappointed. They are easy to install, very strong, maintenance free with an attractive appearance. My window wells are now dry and clean year round. I have no hesitation in recommending WindowWellExperts.com”

~Ontario Rich B

“I purchased my window well covers from the Window Well Experts about 3 years ago. The staff was very courteous and informative and made the ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible. The product quality and finish is excellent. The aluminum frame and supports are very sturdy. The covers themselves are polycarbonate (Lexan) I believe which are solid and unbreakable. My covers fit like a “glove” when they arrived. All the fasteners were included and the product was packaged very well to prevent any damages from shipping. I do recommend the tapered finish as opposed to the flat top especially if you experience heavy snowfall in your area – helps with proper drainage/melt away from the house.”

Ontario George C 3/6/13

WindowWellExperts were very professional and pleasant to do business with. The window well covers were well made,strong, a good fit and easy to assemble and install. I definitely recommend them and would buy from them again.

Ontario Ed C 3/6/13

As you are well aware, I have purchased and installed your window well covers on both my own home and that of my daughter. They were easy to assemble and function very well. They, by far, surpass any product on the Canadian market. They are ‘classy’ looking and can withstand the abuse of pounding rain coming off of the roof. They still retain the look of being ‘new’. I had previously used a commercial product that I bought at the local building supply store and they deteriorated due to ultra-violet absorption and broke apart. Your product has stood up very well and at both homes all are in direct sunlight. They are also easy to remove to facilitate window cleaning or removal of vegetation that may start growing in a near greenhouse condition in the well. I highly recommend your product and would purchase them again if the need arises.

Ontario George R 3/16/13

I’m very happy with the window well cover ordered. It was as advertised and fit perfectly.

Ontario John N

I am very satisfied with the two I purchased. They have saved me a lot of time and aggravation since we installed them.

Ontario Don G 11/22/11

Love my covers–work great–fit great.

Pennsylvania Michael S 2/4/13

Received the window well cover and installed it. It fits perfectly and looks good.

Pennsylvania John H 10/9/12

I just had to call to let you guys know that the covers look fantastic. Theses custom window well covers are awesome! Great product, they are really strong.I stood on them and I am a big guy! The instructions are really easy to follow.

South Dakota Herbert R 7/23/12

What a great fit!! You couldn’t have done a better job if you had manufactured it here on site, right on the patio! The installation looks clean, so it appears to be a truly professional design and installation.

Vermont John P 2/16/11

Excellent job on those window well covers. They work great and look great.

Washington Gary Strand 6/7/12

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you folks and I am quite pleased with my new window well covers.

Illinois Rocky F