5 Essential Window Well Accessories

5 Essential Window Well Accessories

You want your window well to be an easy way to escape during an emergency. How do you make it easier and more efficient? By adding these 5 window well accessories, you’ll be sure to have the perfect path for you and your family to exit out of!

Window Well Covers

Man standing on blue window well cover

Window well covers are a smart choice for many different reasons. Have small children or pets? Keep them from accidentally falling into your window well by installing a window well cover or grate.

They are available in all different styles, which makes it easy to find one that fits the design of your home. Concerned about the sun turning it that disgusting yellow color? Don’t worry. They won’t! The crystal clear covers are provided with a UV film that protects it from the rays of the sun. Even though they are protected from the sun, they let in a great amount of light!

You also won’t have to worry about someone stepping on it and breaking it. The window well covers hold up to 400 pounds!

Rust on your window well cover won’t be an issue either, they are made to last and are rust-free! These make for a great addition and safety tool to your window well.

Window Well Locks

Our window well lock ensures that nothing comes in from the outside! The lock is rust-free so can width stand the weather conditions. Since it’s rust-free, it will last you a long time. The most important part is that it’s easy and fast to release from the inside when an emergency arises.

Window Well Hinges

window well hinge

Adding hinges and a prop-up bar to your window well cover is extremely easy and beneficial for a couple of reasons. The hinge makes for easy access in and out of the basement. It’s perfect for when you need an emergency fire escape and when you need to clean the well. It also makes it easier to get out of the basement in the case of an emergency. We know safety is a top priority for you and your family, so we wanted to escape as easy as possible!

Does your basement need some fresh air? The prop-up bar is perfect for keeping the window well cover open and letting air into the basement.

Egress Ladders

You need a way to get out of the window well in an emergency, right? This means egress ladders are a must! If the window well is a certain height, they are actually required by law. You can find the requirements for your house location here.

Installation is easy. We have two different styles that hook over your window well or the bolt into your window well. They also come in three different finishes – black, galvanized steel, and white. These are perfect for any style of the window well. They are also available in 6 different heights that ensures one will be able to fit your well seamlessly.

Window Well Decorative Liners

Beach decorative window well

Want to add some pizazz to your dull window well? A great accessory to spice up the life of your window well is a window well liner. With so many beautiful options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your style!

These scenic window well liners give you many different options to what you want to see out of your window well. From beaches to waterfalls, pine trees to palm trees no matter what you are looking for you’ll find in our selection.

The best part is, they are easy to install yourself! We have a video that shows you step by step instructions on how to install directly on to your window well.

Enjoy a beautifully designed and safer window well with all these incredible accessories!

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