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9 Smart Ways Winterize Your Home

During the winter you want to keep as much heat inside the house as you can, right? With some small tweaks in your home, you can do just that!

Before the cold winter months come, winterize your house with these smart tips. Not only will you stay extra warm this summer, these tips will save you money on heating bills!

1. Switch Fan Directions

ceiling fan with lights

This is probably the simplest thing you can do to keep you warm inside your house. During the summer months, you want your fan turning counterclockwise. And during the winter you want to switch the direction of our fan to turn clockwise.

Hot air rises, right? Turning the fan clockwise will bring the heat that has elevated to the celling down while pulling cool air up.

2. Improve Homes Insulation

Maybe you’ve been putting this off for a while, but you know it will help for a warmer winter! Time to insulate your home properly.

You’ll mainly want to focus on the attic. DIY Network says roll sheets of unbacked insulation between all floor joists in your attic.

Insulating your pipes will prevent water from freezing in them. Foam piping seems to be a popular product people use to do this! You can find these at your local hardware store.

3. Waterproof Basement

Look for any cracks in your basement and easily fill them in yourself. Most minor cracks can be filled in with a caulking gun.

If the crack is longer and lining up with a crack on your basement floor, call a professional to check out the deeper issue.

4. Change Furnace Filters

Another uncomplicated thing to add to your winterizing to do list is to change the furnaces filters. This way all the heat comes through and isn’t blocked by dust or other particles.

This will also improve the air quality in your home! You’ll be making your house warmer and cleaner.

5. Fix or Replace Windows

condensation on windows

When the weather gets colder, you might feel a little draft coming through your windows. The first thing I suggest trying are weather-strips which are super inexpensive fix.

You can also apply window film. This seals drafty windows when heat is applied to it.

Stores sell insulated curtains too. Unfortunately they block the sunlight out of your house, but they will keep the cold air from coming in!

6. Stop Drafts Under Doors

There are a couple of products and solutions for drafty doors. Using a door snake is a popular way to keep the chilly air out. It is simply a weighted cloth tube.

You can make these yourself and use fabric that goes with your home design. Just make sure to make it before winter comes!

7. Install Storm Doors and Windows

During the winter, you don’t want to lose any heat! Installing storm doors and windows will add another layer of installation to your home. Investing in these will definitely help to winterize your house!

8. Upgrade to Energy Star Efficient Products

Purchase products with the energy star label on it. They focus on making products and using practices that will save you money on your energy bills. They help your homes energy work more efficiently. Some energy products you want in your home to keep it warm are basement windows, heating equipment, and furnaces.

9. Clean Gutters


Cleaning your gutters is an extremely important task before winter. If you fail to do this, water dams from snow and ice can become an issue. Icicles are a result of water dams that hang heave on your gutters and can damage them.

Do this before it becomes a mess for you during the winter.

Winterize Your Home

home during snow storm

Take these necessary steps to winterizing your home before the cold months come. It may take some time to do now, but you’ll be thanking yourself when the winter get’s here!

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