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Easily Add Beautiful Curb Appeal to Your Home

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when passing or coming to your home. You want to make a beautiful first impression, but might be lost for ideas. I have great ideas to give your house a little facelift for this summer.

Hide The AC Unit

That big old AC unit is nothing but an eyesore. Getting rid of it isn’t an option, the next best thing is to hide it! Hide it in style of course.

  • Making anything out of pallets seems to be all the rage now days. Why not cover your AC unit with 3 different pallets?
  • Two pallets covering the left and right side, and one coving the front. Attach them to your house and your all done!
  • If you are looking for something a bit fancier, cover the unit with a lattice privacy screen.

These are the perfect solutions to give the AC unit some stylish design.

Window Well Cover

side house window well cover

You know that big hole in the side of your house or your deck? Yes, you can easily cover that.

With custom design, you can get a window well cover that compliments the side of your home. You can make that awful looking hole next to your house into something eye catching.

Add a grate cover in any color you desire, or give your house a sleek modern look with flat clear window well cover. No matter what the design of your house is, a custom window well cover will definitely add some nice curb appeal.

Landscape Design

It’s not a surprise that the landscape is extremely important for curb appeal. I have a couple of ideas to make yours stand out from the neighbors.

Add natural-looking walkways throughout your front and backyard. Not only does this give family or friends going through your yard a sense of direction, but it gives your yard a different type of beauty.

First, pick out what natural element you want your walkway to be made of. Some suggestions are wood planks, stone, or flat cement tiles.

Line the walkways with some flowers and lights for an elegant finishing touch!

Paint Your Front Door

Give your house a splash of vibrant color. Don’t be scared to get a little crazy with color on the front door. I promise, it’s the trend these days.

DIYnetwork shares some popular inviting front door colors such as Cool Turquoise, Burst of Sunshine, Stately Red, and Elegant Indigo.

Welcome your friends and family with an exciting and comforting colored front door to walk up too.

Window Planter Boxes

window well boxes

How adorable does it look when people have planted window boxes on their front windows? Gorgeous pops of color from the flowers is another way to add stunning colors to the outside of your house.

You can make these yourself out of wood or purchase them at the hardware store. Either way, this will add some serious curb appeal to your home.

If a box is too bulky for your liking, you can simply add a wood shelf outside of your window and place flower pots on top!

Happy Homeowner

Try some of these curb appeal boosting projects. The fact that you did these projects yourself will be the best part about it. I believe you will be looking at the exterior of your home with a huge smile on your face!

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