Egress-Compliant Basement Windows

Energy-efficient, customizable, maintenance-free

Window Well Experts offers basement windows suitable for new construction or replacements. The products are rated by Energy Star.

The patented design of our egress installations allows the header, sill, and jamb pieces to be removed, reversed, and replaced to easily adapt the installation to any situation. In addition, sashes are easily removable when not locked, allowing a wide, clear opening to move material through during construction.

Also, they do not subtract from the egress well square footage and compromise your ability to comply with local codes.

What is an Egress Compliant Basement Window?

An egress window is intended to provide an emergency escape or rescue opening. Those are especially required if the basement is used for living space – bedroom, office, playroom, etc.


  • Meets Uniform Building Code for Egress.
    • Eliminates the ability to cover an egress window well to meet local code requirements.
    • Minimum sized 36″ wide x 36″ projection
    • 9 square foot egress well can be used when space to install a well is limited.
    • Code requires an egress well to have a minimum of 9 square feet of the clear surface area plus a 36″ projection off the foundation wall, meaning a well as small as 36″ wide x 36″ projection can be used if nothing reduces the surface area.
  • Thickness.
    • Available in full and nominal wall thickness. (attach 2″ extension for 10″ wall)
  • Easy to operate.
    • Welded sash with powder-coated handles for ease of operation
  • Sizes.
    • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Fully braced with temporary wood bracing and fully wrapped with plastic film.
  • All Vinyl frames are maintenance-free.
  • Energy-saving.
    • 3/4″ insulated Low-E glass for added thermal efficiency
  • Protection.
    • Sash is double-weather-stripped to protect from outside weather infiltration.
Energy Star basement windows

Select the Best Basement Window Type to Match Your Well Cover

If you are interested in renovating a basement, you must consider the windows’ impact on the room’s entire appearance. Moreover, old basement windows can cause a variety of inconveniences and problems to any homeowner:

  1. Difficult to manage. Usually, the frames of the old windows are covered with rust or rotted, making them extremely difficult to open.
  2. Poor energy performance. The standard old windows are single-pane, allowing cold air in the underground space. Replacement basement window inserts can improve the home’s insulation and bring energy bills down. 
  3. Basement filling with water. One of the most common problems caused by single-pane glass basement windows is that they cannot hold the water, which causes leaks between the frame and the rough opening.

Types of Basement Windows

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Slider Basement Window

This standard-style window slides open horizontally from either left or right. Depending on the size of this opening, it could be used for an emergency exit. It is also known as a horizontal single-hung window.

  • Meets Uniform Building Code Requirements For Egress
  • One-Handed Operation For Quick Emergency Exits
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Availablе in nominal wall thickness (8″)

Basement Slider Windows

Basement slider windows have sashes and frames that are wept for superior water drainage to the outside. The half screen is removable from the inside.

  • Available nominal wall thickness of 8″.
  • All vinyl frame is maintenance-free–no painting or rusting
  • The window is poly-wrapped before pour to prevent any concrete from getting on it
  • Sashes are removable from the inside
  • Reversible is poured incorrectly. Header jamb and sill parts snap-in for correction
  • 3/4″ insulated Low-E glass is standard u-value of 0.37
  • Sashes are double weather-stripped to protect from outside weather infiltration
  • The following sizes: SW4848 and SW6048 are egress sizes.

In-Swing Basement Window

This window type comes in either 1 panel or 2-panel designs and hinges from either side – the left or right. In addition, many products in this style have a crank handle to open the window from the inside quickly.

  • Meets Uniform Building Code For Egress
  • One-Handed Operation For Quick Emergency Exits
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Thickness: Available In Full And Nominal Wall Thickness
  • 3/4″ Insulated Low-E Glass For Added Thermal Efficiency
  • Sash Is Double-Weather-Stripped To Protect From Outside Weather Infiltration

The sash and screen are inside the frame for a one-step basement window installation. The great advantage to in-swing windows is that they swing into the home, so they cannot be impeded by any obstruction in a basement well, like ice and snow. In addition, our windows have a full and nominal 8″ frame depth that provides a fast, hassle-free installation.

Have a leaky basement window? Find a fix, here.

We can help you find the right product to fix your leaky basement window woes. Many of our customers were having a ton of issues with water seeping in through the seams, their newly installed double slider basement window fixed their leak issue and helped waterproof their basement.

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Completed Projects

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