Bring On Summer! Twelve Ways To Keep Your House Cool

Bring On Summer! Twelve Ways To Keep Your House Cool

When its horribly hot outside, it feels magical to walk into a cool room. Want to stay cool but don’t want to run the AC constantly?

Beat the heat this summer with these brilliant tips and tricks to cool you down along with your home!

 1.Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are there for a reason, to keep the room you’re in nice and cool. When you’re not in the room, turn them off because they are of no benefit to you.

During the warmer months make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise. This ensures the airflow to move downward.

2. Get The Right Blinds

You can purchase blinds that help to keep the heat out such as mini blinds. These are the cheaper ones you can get at a local store.

But if you would like to get fancy, they make shades that specifically block the sun’s rays. You can purchase cellular shades at your local hardware store too.

Do you have skylights in your home? Think about putting blinds on them as well, considering that the sun beats down on them all day long!

3. Awnings For The Win

Awnings can add a stylish touch to your home while providing shade for your windows. By simply doing this you are giving another layer of blockage to the sun’s heat rays!

4. Replace AC Filters

Each months during the summer, replace the filters so that if you do have the AC on it doesn’t have to work as hard. This is an easy fix to help your AC to work properly.

5. Fans Instead of AC

If you’re looking to keep your AC off completely, use a fan instead! Having a fan cool the space you’re in instead of having the AC cool your entire home will save lots on energy.

6. Close Off Unused Rooms

two blue doors

If you’re not in a room, make sure the door is closed. You don’t want cool are sneaking into places you’re not!

7. Take a Nice Cool Shower

Taking a hot shower can cause humidity all around the house. Especially rooms closest to the bathroom. Taking a cold shower will cool you down and cool that area down as well.

Cold showers are greatly beneficial for you! They give your body a wakeup call in the morning and start your day off right. You are beating the heat and doing something good for your body!

8. Change Light Bulbs

Did you know you can get light bulbs that give off less heat and save energy? It might not seem like a little light bulb can give off a good amount of heat, but they do. Switching to LED’s will help with reducing the heat.

9. Make Delicious Food Grilling

Cooking inside on your stove will add even more heat to your house! You don’t want that. Take your cooking outside to keep the heat outside. In my opinion, grilled food tastes better anyway!

10. Turn Off Electronics

If you are not using an electronic, turn it off! Computers, TV’s, and anything that uses energy to produce heat.

11. Hold Off Running The Dishwasher

Setting a dishwasher

Yes, I know your excited about this one! I know you have stood by a dishwasher and have felt the heat coming from it. I literally start to sweat just standing by it! Wait to run it at night when it’s a bit cooler

12. Plant Shade Trees

You’ll have to do this project in advance, but it will help for future summers! Planting shade trees around your house is a great way to keep it cool. It also adds curb appeal to your home. Remember to plant them mostly on the south and west sides of your home.

Stay Cool My Friends

Save money and stay cool this summer with these 12 insightful tips! You’ll be using less energy and helping the planet at the same time. Celebrate a cooler summer and save money while doing it!

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