How to Child Proof Your Home

How to Child Proof Your Home

If your child is either crawling or walking, you know they get into everything! If you’re not careful, they can hurt themselves during their journey. There are outlets, sharp edges, and dangerous items around your home that they somehow always find. Luckily for you parents, inventors came up with helpful inventions to keep your little loved ones safe.

Lessen the number of cuts, scraps, and bruises your kiddos get. Keep your children safe when they adventure around the house with these tips and tricks!

Kitchen, The Heart of the Home

Child reaching for fruits on the kitchen counter

Yes, the kitchen is the heart of the home where families spend most of their time bonding over a delicious meal mommy or daddy made.

To keep this a happy gathering place, protect your children from the harmful things they can get into. Knives are a big concern. Keep them in a drawer that has a safety lock so the toddler can’t get into the drawer. You can also put these safety locks on cabinets and appliances.

Living Room, Where Everyone Gathers

childproof fireplace

I truly believe the living room or family room is where lasting memories are made. You want to make them the best memories as possible, so let’s start childproofing.

It is best to have your TV mounted on the wall. If it’s just set on the TV stand, the child might climb on it and try to grab the TV which could end up badly.

If you have a fireplace in your home, it probably has sharp edges around it. Place padding on the edges so if the child falls into it they won’t get cut badly.

Bathroom, Potty Training Room

You will spend a great amount of time in the bathroom with your little one potty training and giving them lots of baths.

Since your baby or toddler will be taking baths in the tub, place a rubber guard on the spout. This will keep them from accidentally bumping their head on the faucet.

To keep your child out of the toilet, place a toilet lock on it. There’s pretty much a lock for everything since kids are so curious!

Place your hot water heater to 120 degrees to keep the water from scolding your child. They might turn the heat up in the tub without knowing it and since your water heater is low, it won’t burn them.

Office, Not an Area for Kids

childproof home office

Usually, kids don’t spend much time here because this is your workspace. And we all know we can’t get much work done when kids are around!

Hopefully, you have doors to your office to keep your children out. With all types of technology in your office, you don’t want your child stumbling in there. Make sure to put a doorknob lock on the handle so that they can’t accidentally open the door.

If not, no problem! You just have to create a barrier and put up a baby gate.

Bedroom, Sleep and Play Place

childproof bedroom

This room is filled with so much love and laughter. Memories of you rocking your little baby to sleep and waking them up to feed them in the middle of the night. Keep danger out of sight here.

The windows in the bedroom and anywhere else in the house should have a guard so that they don’t open the window up past 3 inches.

Do you know the cords window blinds have to pull them up and down? The child can easily get caught on it. shares that CPSC recorded 200 deaths of young children by this cord getting wrapped around their neck. Needless to say, invest in cordless blinds and different window dressings.

Make Your Home Child Proof

Purchasing these safety tools and implementing them in every area of the house can save your child from harm and danger. Go through every room and do everything you can to keep your child safe!

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