Different Types of Finishes for Appliances


When you are designing a kitchen, deciding on the finishes of the appliances can either make or break the design. Luckily, innovation has come such a long way that you are left with plenty of options. We don’t only have choices of black and white anymore, and there is more style now than ever in the appliance industry.

The hard part now is deciding what appliance finish will be the most durable and beautiful option according to your design style and lifestyle. This article will explain the most popular appliance finishes and make choosing a finish for your kitchen easier!


white appliances

Today’s white-colored appliances don’t look anything like they did in the 1980s and early 1900s. However, white is back in action and looking modern as ever.

Whirlpool changed the game for those old ugly white appliances with a new take on what they call “White Ice.” These white beauties make it easier to design your kitchen around appliances.

With white, you have endless options on what your other decor looks like! You aren’t tied to the stainless steel look any longer. The new white look will brighten your kitchen with a clean, fresh look.


Black is making a comeback as well! And it might be taking over stainless steel because of how modern and edgy it looks. Young families love the new black appliances that the big-name appliances offer.

Not only does black come in stainless steel, but it now comes in a slate edition. GE-made black slate appliances give a distinctive look that homeowners love. Just like white, black is a color that is easily added to the new all-white kitchens. In addition, it provides the modern farmhouse look that people are adoring right now.

Because the slate has a matte finish, it hides fingerprints and smudges well. Moms and dads, yes, these were made with you in mind! You won’t clean the outside of your appliances nearly as much as you used to with this finish.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel appliances

Trust me, and I’m not bringing down the lovely look of stainless steel appliances. I’m simply giving you other great options! Stainless steel is part of these great options. If you were to go into a handful of houses today, I would guess that you would most likely see stainless steel in all of them. They still give a fantastic modern look that goes with pretty much any style you can think of.

Yes, they do quickly get smudges on them, but you don’t worry because they sell stainless steel wipes that quickly take these fingerprints and smudges off.

If you’re to update your kitchen to sell your home or just love to live in it, stainless steel should be your go-to. They aren’t too expensive, and they give that updated look.

What Finish Speaks to You

It comes down to is your preference. Do you have small kids and pets that will make marks all over your appliances? Are you trying to stick to a budget? What color matches your kitchens look best? These are the simple questions you have to ask yourself when picking appliances.

With these three options, you can’t! But, they will all add value and beauty to the heart of your home.

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