Window Well Experts Create Egress Code Database To Showcase Compliant Window Wells

Summary: Window Well Experts has just launched a comprehensive database of egress codes covering over 900 different cities, counties, and states to ensure customers pick products that comply.

Walworth, WI, United States – Window wells are a great way to get natural daylight into below-ground spaces such as cellars and basements. However, due to the wide variety of building codes nationwide, it is often difficult to determine if your basement needs an emergency exit, and if so, what size basement window and window well is required to be up-to-code. These building code requirements change by state, and even sometimes by the local jurisdiction.

Window Well Experts has just launched a database egress with over 900 cities, and counties listed to ensure every purchase complies with local requirements, saving contractors and homeowners the tedious task of making sure their basements are egress code compliant.

When building a home, or adding rooms to a basement, certain rooms require the basement window to be an emergency exit. To find the size of the window well and basement window, individuals must look up the IRC Egress Codes for the state and county to find the minimums required by the state to pass inspection.

This information was previously scattered across hundreds of different locations online. Window Well Experts has compiled, collated, and centralized this information into a single easy to use resource. Individuals simply input their locality to find website links and contact information for local inspection, building codes, and more. People can quickly find the required size of window wells and basement windows, for emergency egress and rescue from basement rooms.

A spokesperson for Window Well Experts explained, “We are thrilled to be able to introduce this new resource, which will be invaluable for customers to ensure the window wells, basement windows, and covers they are purchasing will comply with all necessary egress codes in their local jurisdiction, and that new builds are created to the appropriate dimensions.

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