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Aluminum VS Steel Window Well Grates

Which material is the best option for your window well grate? I can make that an easier decision for you! Take a look at a few of the advantages aluminum has over steel.

Most manufacturers use steel for their grates. We use aluminum window well grates, and there are many reasons for this choice.



Steel is used for so many different products, but one large disadvantage is the fact that it will rust fairly easily. Especially when exposed to the elements. Rust occurs on material like steel when oxygen and moisture are in the mix. Which is inevitable when you have this item outside! It will be exposed to rain, snow, and other types of moisture consistently.

Rust can cause potential hazards because the strength of the metal will be compromised. This could possibly happen to your egress window well grate. Since the rust makes things brittle, you never know when the grate can collapse if someone accidentally steps on it. That could cause serious injury to the person as well as damage to your home.

Another problem to point out is that rust can be dangerous to handle. It is very easy to cut on a rusty piece of steel. However, the cut is not the biggest problem. This type of injury can produce certain bacteria that can be very dangerous to your health. If this bacteria spread through the bloodstream, it can cause tetanus. This can quickly escalate to a serious health concern for you or a family member.

This is why using steel construction for window well grates is not the greatest idea. You can do certain things to slow the rusting, but when it is constantly exposed to moisture, it is difficult to avoid the inevitable.

Our aluminum grates will give you the peace of mind that your family will not be at risk. Unlike steel, this metal does not rust and becomes brittle and sharp when exposed to moisture. It is a much better option for your window well grate.

Lightweight but Extremely Durable

Have you been making do? Making do is OK for a stopgap measure, but is it safe? Aluminum grates are ideal for egress and larger size window wells. Their lightweight assures that anyone can escape hazardous situations and allows for municipal code compliance, yet they are safe to walk on. Larger size wells need an escape hatch to ensure that any family member or employee can escape easily. 

One of the main reasons Window Well Experts uses high-quality aluminum is that the lightweight material is easier to install. Steel is much denser and heavier.

Because of the heavier weight, it makes it harder to exit if ever needed. The lightweight aluminum material makes for an easy emergency exit for both adults and children. The steel’s dense structure can make it terrifically difficult to exit quickly. This could make for a dangerous situation for your family.

Some might think because of the lightweight design that, it could be weak and not supportive. These grates are actually rated to hold up to 400 pounds! No pets or children will be able to make a dent in the grate, let alone fall in. Safety is always first for us when it comes to your family.

Aluminum Window Well Grate

The placement of the hatch is determined by the placement of your escape ladder and/or the way your window opens.

The escape hatch on metal window wells is usually unnecessary, as the grates are light enough to push aside. We at Window Well Experts make the grates in custom size, so if a particular well is a non-standard size or misshapen, the company can accommodate it easily.

Resists the Environment

As mentioned previously, the aluminum window well grates also hold up much better against the elements. This is a huge advantage over steel because it will last and stay strong for much longer.

Here is a little science behind that. Aluminum forms a very thin layer of oxide which ultimately prevents any further oxidation. This is different than other metals like steel because this oxide layer sticks strongly to the metal and repairs itself if damaged. This acts as a shield against future corrosion.

Custom Powder-Coat Options

Picky about everything matching your house? Perfect! We have custom powder-coat finishes that will go along with the design of your home. If black, grey, white, or unfinished isn’t your style, you can pick from mostly any color you would like! Click Here to learn more.

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