We take the guesswork out of being IRC Egress Code Compliant

Consider installing a complete basement egress kit if you are determined to turn your basement into a cozy, bright living space. The IRC code-compliant package includes basement windows with a minimum projection of 36″, window wells, top covers (polycarbonate or metal grates with option for hinges), and fire escape ladders.

Our Egress Window Kits Include:

casement square window well with 30 years guarantee

Egress Window Well

Included is an egress code-compliant window well that will meet any IRC standard. Minimum projection – 36″.

Energy Star basement windows

Basement Fire Escape Window

There are stringent standards when it comes to window size for a basement egress window. We’ll help you get the perfect window for your situation.

egress window ladder

Basement Fire Escape Ladder

Did you know wells greater than 44″ in depth require a permanently attached ladder? We’ll include the ladder needed for your specific well.

3D design of a polycarbonate cover

Window Well Top Cover

To become an egress code-compliant, your window well cover must be able to be opened from the inside and outside with little force. Our polycarbonate and metal (aluminum and galvanized steel) top covers have the option to be designed with a hatch or as a hinge with special quick-release locks that are absolutely IRC compliant.

ℹWhat is the egress system used for? What is the egress kit used for?

A means of egress consists of three separate and distinct parts: the exit access, the exit, and the exit discharge. A means of egress comprises the vertical and horizontal ways of travel and shall include intervening room spaces, doorways, hallways, corridors, passageways, balconies, ramps, stairs, enclosures, lobbies, escalators, horizontal exits, courts, and yards.

Fundamental egress requirements that apply to all buildings, new or old, are intended for human occupancy. 

  1. In case of emergency, all building occupants shall have exits sufficient for prompt and convenient escape.
  2. Life safety should not be dependent on a single exit or safeguard.
  3. During the period necessary for escape, the building structures shall not cause danger to occupants.
  4. Means of egress shall be visible to occupants who are mentally and physically capable of understanding the direction of emergency escape.
  5. Any passageway or doorway not constituting an exit and may be mistaken for an exit needs to be marked as “Not an Exit.”
  6. Reliable and adequate illumination shall be provided for all exit facilities. 
  7. Fire alarm facilities shall be provided where necessary to warn occupants of the existence of fire. 
  8. Provisions for emergency egress shall not cause hazards under normal occupancy conditions.

Our team has over 30 years of experience assisting contractors and homeowners to meet their local Egress Code requirements. For a personal consultation with an expert, contact our sales department at 1-888-650-9355.

Build Your Own Egress Kit



Your options are:

Galvanized steel well

Stone view well

Stone view fiberglass well

Plastic well

Faux rock well



Your fire escape window options:

Slider window

Casement/crank window



Your fire escape ladder options:

Hook-on ladder

Bolt-on ladder



Popular options are:

Sloped Cover

Aluminum Grate

Atrium Dome Cover

Flat Covers

Custom solutions (hybrid types)

How to combine window well + cover?

The most common combinations are:

If you have an existing well and need an extension, cover, or a custom solution, contact our sales team at 1-888-650-9355.

Note: All of the available products in the egress kit can be purchased separately.

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How complete egress window kits look like?

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Basement Egress Safety & Code Compliance

  1. Safety. The main reason to get a basement egress window kit is to add a fire escape when turning basement space into a livable area.
  2. Code Compliance. Egress well must be at least 9 square feet to allow a firefighter with oxygen tanks to get into the well. Basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening. Such opening shall open directly into a public street, public alley, yard, or court.
  3. Air and Light. Letting in the fresh air and natural light is the second most important job of the IRC-code compliant.

Basics start with the local IRC code requirements.

  • A basement window must have 5.7 square feet of egress opening.
  • The egress window well must be 8-10″ below the lower sill of the window and allow for a few inches above grade to allow for proper grading away from the house.
  • Another purpose of the IRC code is to allow natural light and ventilation into basement spaces.

According to the egress requirements, an opening should be at least 5.7 square feet. The space should be enough for a grown person, including a fighter, with oxygen tanks to get into the well.

The egress window well must be between 8″ to 10″ below the lower sill of the window. And allow for a few inches above grade to leave a proper grading away from the building to help prevent water from getting into your basement.

Basement Window Measure Guide. The window opening must be 44″ from the floor or less. Everything, including window size, goes off of that.

Egress Kit Measure Guide. Download PDF.

Egress Window Well Measure Guide. Download PDF.

To see more details about the installation of the wells, follow this link.

Additional Tip: Consider hiring a professional instead of making it your next DIY project. 

The egress kit itself does not have a warranty. Each product in the kit has its own warranty. For more information, follow this link.