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How to Get More Natural Light Into your Basement

Do you ever go into your basement and it just feels dark and dingy? Even with some artificial lighting, it can feel a little closed in.

Don’t you worry, we can fix that problem! I’m excited to share with you how to let more natural light in your basement and how beneficial it is!

Basement Windows

basement renovation project

A basement window is absolutely needed in a finished basement! The amount of natural light you can get into a basement is incredible with a basement window. Whatever your basement is used for, natural lighting is so important!

A basement window can easily get dirty if you don’t have a window well cover or clean it very often. The dirtiness doesn’t let all the lovely natural light in.

If your basement window is older, it could be letting in a little draft as well as blocking the full potential natural light. With our energy star rated basement windows, you won’t feel a draft anymore and you’ll be able to let in every ounce of natural light that is possible for a basement.

We all know some fresh air is good for us too. Our swing in basement windows lets the light and fresh air in with ease!

Crystal Clear Window Well Cover

Okay, so you want a new window well cover to match your new window but still want all the natural sunlight to come in. Is that possible?

The answer is YES! Luckily for you, we make a crystal clear window well cover that doesn’t block any of the suns rays.

I know you’ve seen those awful yellow tinted window well covers. If you don’t like the sight of them, then you’ve come to the right place! Our window well covers are treated with a UV-treatment that keeps this yellowing from happening!

With our window well covers, you’ll be keeping trash and debris out of your window well which will keep your basement window nice and clean!

We went over how important natural light is, but you may be wondering what the actual benefits are. Here are some reasons why natural light is so important for our daily activities!

Benefits of Natural Lighting

woman drinking coffee and looking out the window

Natural lighting is said to contribute to more productivity. If you turned your basement into your home office, natural lighting can be extremely beneficial!

Are you lacking energy? Be more productive and skip that afternoon drowsiness and let all the natural light in that you can! Natural light regulates your energy levels.

If you care about saving energy and money, opening a window instead of turning on a light goes along way. Save on your next electricity bill and push away the curtains to let the light in instead of flipping a switch.

Not only can you save money, but natural light makes people happier! Who doesn’t want to be happier? Limited sunlight is actually linked to depression. So, let all of the beautiful sun rays in!

Last but not least, natural light helps you sleep better at night! You might watch TV before bed, or look at your phone screen before hitting the sack. This artificial light gives us a not so restful nights sleep while more natural light during the day will help you get a nice refreshing sleep.

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